May 25, 2012

Lydia's new owner

Hello people.  Lydia will be going to live with ....
Linda in NE Iowa.  Please send me your email and snail mail address so I can get her to her new home.
Thank you everyone for participating and for all the touching compliments.  You made me feel really good!!  After this weekend I am finished driving my sister around.  Her second cataract surgery went well...MUCH better than the first and she is able to see pretty darn good!  We stopped at several nurseries on the way home from the early doc appointment and I still don't know what I want.  By the time I figure it out, the flowers will be sold.  I love to see colorful flowers decorating homes, but I also like it stark and with objects instead of flowers.  This year, I am in the middle. 
As for Lucy, I am still plugging away and I said I wouldn't show her until she is finished but she loves attention so here is the brat.


I had quite a bit of trouble with the stems and just have a few other colors to add to finish this area.  The houses are not filling in as quickly as I expected and frankly, I'm tiring of this project and afraid of an oncoming slump.  I do know that the next projects will be the BOAF Gold Santa and one of these Nash designs, probably Malabar.
I did a little cleaning organizing roaming in my sewing room and cleaned organized looked in the craft closet and found a book called The Liberty Collection.  It's our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address, and such on beautiful sheer parchment. 
I'm going to look for plain black frames and hang the set in the stairway. 
I plan on using a red/taupe/blue bunting draped under the handrail which I think would be appropriate with these, but until I find it, I hung these pip berries which I also found.  I'm not a fan of these but when using the stairs and looking down at the steps, it's really nice to see some
focus and decorating that low. 
And here's the batch of raccoons that I am having a problem with.  They are lined up eating the deer's bread and corn.  I can't feed the cats with them around and since the cats are wild, they won't come into the garage or house to eat in peace. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend, with thoughts of those that so bravely and selflessly honored us with their service.
I got a little hot with my cousin's son who told me that he learned in school that all wars are fought for profit of big companies, and that the United States KNEW that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked, yet let it happen in order to make money.  His insistence bothered me quite a bit.  He was not presented with facts and allowed to form an opinion.  He was made to believe that this was fact, not just the teacher's opinion.  Things have certainly changed since I was in school.
Enjoy the weekend, stay safe, and thank you very much again for participating and for your comments, compliments, and visit!


Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Marly--Congrats to LInda on her win--lucky lady!! Lucy may be a brat, she may be difficult, and she may have an attitude, but she is a looker!! You have quite a group of racoons!! (herd? flock? covy?) They can do a LOT of damage!! Keep an eye out for ones that act funny--we were out in our garage one day when a coon walked up our driveway--I told Al something was wrong because it walked listing to one side-it kept walking right toward us. I called the police and they came and shot it--it had rabies. Racoons are especially susceptible to rabies. Have a great holiday!!--Jan

Penny said...

Congrats to Linda for winning Lydia!!
As much of a pain in the arse Lucy might be, she sure is looking great!! I can understand how you are getting tired of filling in the houses.... they get to me, as well, after a while. But oh my, she is pretty!! LOVE the urn... great colors!
The garland looks very nice under your railing, and I think the framed documents will be perfect for that area. The bunting will look fabulous with them, too!
The raccoons are scary-looking all lined up in your yard! Don't know why... but I'm afraid of any wildlife that enters my yard.... They are okay at a distance, and look so cute in books, but if they're in my yard, I'm outta there!!
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!

Barb said...

I do think Lucy is lovely but I know how it feels to be frustrated. I gave up on Rebecca Robinson! She and I disagreed about too many colors!! Thanks for defending our country. My son had two tours in Iraq as a Blackhawk pilot.He has made the Army a career. He left for 15 months when his little boy was less than 2. I have learned a lot about the sacrifice of our military in the recent years!!! Thank You!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Holy CRAP!!! That's a bunch of racoons!! And all in a row! Head for the hills!!! Seriously, Girlfriend - you have a PROBLEM!!! I love the lil' rascally critters - if they're a pet (yes, we've had them as pets) - or if they're not in my yard undomesticating things...but YIKES! You have a whole army of them!!!

Congratulations to Linda on an amazing win....Awwwww....I'm going to so miss seeing Lydia here. Thank you so much Miss Marly for hostessing such a grand and generous giveaway.

Lucy is looking all kinds of fine - brat that she is. Glad to hear sis is doing well - and flowers - well, I broke down and got some - and they're dying a slow and painful death in my garage....tornadoes here yesterday and gale-force winds all the rest of the week. I see we're to top out at a balmy 60 degrees Memorial Day. Yeah.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - Hope you "re-educated" your cousin's son....That sad....)

Anonymous said...

Hoping you have a great Memorial Day weekend.
Thanks for loving our country to stand up for the injustices that others create with young people. Being a Army veteran my self and my brother is a career Army Officer(27yrs), I would love to write your cousin's son's school and ask what the heck their teaching kids now and how dare they. I hope someothers in that community comes down on the school board for that and holds them accountable.
Well, to end on a better note. Lucy is looking lovely and don't give up til she is done. It's always harder to go back than to just stick with it. I just finished a piece that was great fun for most of it but finally I just wanted to finish it and move on. It's finished and I moved on to other fun pieces. Love your new choices.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Lucy is so wonderful! The colors are so gorgeous...I love the yellow house!
Have a great weekend,

Vickie said...

Sadly, there are all sorts of crazy things being taught to our future generation these days.:(
I absolutely love that urn on Lucy.
That is way too many raccoons for my liking!

Lanie said...

Hi Marly ... wish I had just read my name :) but congrats to Linda in NE Iowa on winning "Lydia". And again thank you, Marly, for such a generous and lovely give-away!
"Lucy-the-brat" ... what are we going to do with her?! But I think everyone agrees that she is just one of the prettiest brats!
Oh it's probably best if I don't comment on teachers "interpreting" history! Makes me crazy when I hear that! Teaching is to "educate" not "indoctrinate".
Well, anyway .......... have a great weekend! Can't wait to see your new stitching project(s)!

P.J. said...

Beautiful progress, all the pain and suffering will be worth it. I bet it will be nice to work on a small, cutie project after that monster.

What the heck is wrong with this teacher!!! I would on the horn to the school, seriously! That is mind numbing.

Hope you have a splendid holiday weekend. Please remember those that have fallen for our freedom.

Peggy Lee said...

Hey Marly...Lucy is LOVELY! I know you'll be glad when she's finished.

The berries add a nice touch to your stairway. I once had a grand stairway where I placed a basket or crock to every other step until I caught one with my foot on the way down with an armload of laundry. The basket ended up between me and the stairs so I had basket burn all down my back! UGH!!

YAY for your sisters successful cataract removal! Glad it went better than the last time.

Great idea for those parchment pieces. Be sure to show us pics of the finished result. Sounds like it will be a beautiful display.

A very happy Memorial Day to you from Masterchief and me.


Margaret said...

Congrats to the winner! Lucy is so gorgeous! I hope you don't hit a slump. She's so worth the effort! Love your decorating -- I like your idea of the bunting and hanging the set of US pieces. That's pretty awful about your cousin's son. How bizarre that anybody would have that opinion, much less tell it to kids so that they think it's the truth! Very sad indeed. I know my son's teachers sometimes tell the kids their opinion on things, but they also teach what really happened. Very sad indeed.

Shirlee said...

Lovely things as usual : ) It is really scary what kids are being taught in school now-a-days. I shudder to think of what the future is going to be.

Deb said...

Lucy is looking great Marly. I hope that you don't go into a slump with her - it looks like you're on the home stretch.

Chris said...

Lucy is looking great!
Glad to hear that your sister's surgery went well.
Those raccoon look like they are planning future assaults. Kind of scary!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Pearl Harbor--watch for or look up the film "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell", starring Gary Cooper.

That's all I have to say.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

What a lovely, patriotic display that will be -- but I held my breath until I read that they were on parchment -- I thought you were going to stitch them all!! Whew! Looks like your brat Lucy is nearly finished, so take a break if you need to 'finish' something, but do come back to her. Happy Holiday weekend!

Linda, NE Iowa said...

I'm just so very happy to be the lucky girl to win Lydia. I've decided to place her on a large basket across the room from the happy place where I do my stitching. Loving glances will go her way several times each day.

And thank you to everyone who sent congratulations my way.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Congrats tpo your winner!!! Verry lucky girl!!!

I think I've come to the conclusion that I don't like doing large projects for the very reason of tiring of it. But when they are done they sure are awesome!

I like your next possible projects.

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