Jun 3, 2012

Back in that big saddle

Greetings!  Hope you all had a wonderful week.  I was in crying jag mode for days!  Memorial Day hit me hard this year but I was even bawling when I heard babies crying!   Well, I usually do anyway.  That always bothers me especially when an idiot child mother is telling her baby to shut up.  Moving on.....I was at the greenhouse picking out flowers when I stretched to take down a heavy hanging basket from over the display.  That did it.  The loose vertebrae in my neck must have moved a little because the arms and hands were tingling for several days.  No stitching, that's for sure.  But I'm much better today and I'm tearing into Lucy.  I did finish that vase and all those wonky stems and flowers, the fence, lettering on the left, and border around the second house.  I guess the break did me some good because I am so anxious to stitch now.  I'll show you Lucy tomorrow, but I wanted to tell you how my frustration sometimes leads to good things! 
My galvanized tubs are all over the place and after tripping over one, I picked it up and slammed it over a shepherd's hook.  Voila.  Love it.  All you need is the tub, a low hook, and a 10" hanging basket with hanger removed.  I plan on moving the wheelbarrow from the front door and setting up this display instead.  You could also just load it with dirt and plant several varieties.  This got a little heavy after watering so I stuck a rock under it for support.  I didn't like it on the higher hook.

Wiring the handle to the hook would help with swaying from the wind.  You probably have already seen this done or done it yourself, but it's new to me and I like it!  I was able to get set up at the garage with a few items,
get my rusty paint cans planted with some sick looking impatiens,
 and we finished laying the barnstones to complete the area around the concrete, which no one showed up to do.
It's not as hard to do heavy chores with tingling arms as it is to do detailed work.
And a final note of embarrassment.
I was rushing (as usual) to get a few groceries and stop at the nursery for a few shrubs.  Couldn't decide which shoes to wear since the gravel is hard to walk on and usually muddy.  Both pair hurt but I wouldn't be gone long.  Which look better with my varicose veins?  I slipped on one of each, and then answered the phone.  Distractions are not good.  I went for groceries first.  When I walked into the outdoor nursery, I looked down to make sure I wasn't stepping in the mud and saw this..
I'm a frequent customer of this business, so they dared not mention this.  If I could keep flip flops on my feet and not walk right out of them, I would have gone to the Dollar store and purchased a pair to complete my errands.  The numbness must have been traveling a little too far up the arms. 
So to sooth my ego, I went home and made nalaesniki.
Sweet cottage cheese filled crepes, topped with sour cream and a sprinkle of sugar.  So there you have it. 
Hopefully tomorrow I will return with my Lucy girl!
Hello and welcome to new followers - you made me tingle even more!
Thank you all for visiting - enjoy your day!
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