Jul 8, 2012

Another Lydia and Eunice

Good day to you.  Thanks for the help in choosing a small sampler ~ I chose Eunice Birchard from The Scarlet Letter.  Two reasons ~
1.  Patience was my first choice but I always waffle and wish I would have chosen the second, so now I go right to #2.  It saves time and frustration. That would be Eunice.
2.  I saw "God save America" in the middle and thought it was appropriate in an election year.  Even though America seems to be excluding God wherever possible.
I'm ready for the rice stitch and need to refresh my knowledge for proper execution.  Months ago, that execution would have been a different type, usually involving a lighter and flames, but I've been a really good girl lady stitcher.

Now for Lydia.  Lydia Broome.  I miss a lot of the new releases and never even saw many of the older. But while browsing blogs last night, I visited Pineberry Lane and saw this new design.  I got all warm and fuzzy.  Love at first sight.  I hope they don't mind my snagging their photo.  I'm not adding this to my list of charts to purchase because I want it NOW.  Besides.....can't find the list.

Hannah Way will probably be after Patience and I wanted to show you the instruction for the seven-step cross, which she used and I won't, and also the marking stitch.

The over one area has missing stitches but they would obviously be "thy dear Saviour's birth" and I will stitch the missing area.
It's bad enough to have visitors look around and wonder why everything is stained with coffee, let alone missing parts of the letters.  I'm taking the time to kit a few of the smaller projects because it is such a chore to find the right size and shade of linen in my mess.  I have so many odd sizes and always spend time trying to use those before cutting into that yard of linen.  Gives me the bejeebers just thinking about it.

JoAnn's was having a sale of 50% off all interfacing and batting bolts.  The midweight is one I never tried, I use the featherweight, and prefer Craft Fuse but they had none.  I am so pleased with storing them in these envelopes along with the directions for each.  The thickest batting is 54" wide and I got two yards.  When I tried to remove the bag it exploded like a self inflating raft.
Last purchase was at the antique mall for this 36" long skinny old box and after much time wasting, decided I like the less is more approach.   I had it horizontal with so many small items in it, changing every half hour, and now I can't remember where they all belong.  It will be hung on the wall and I think I'll look for an even longer dipper gourd or maybe hang two thin ones in the space. 

That's about it.  I hope everyone is having a enjoyable weekend.
  Thank you so much for visiting!


Lanie said...

Hi Marly, thank you for sharing your new start and future starts ... I always love your choices ... and you help me see the wonderful potential in these sometimes overlooked samplers. Recently, any sampler with a variety of alphabets has me hooked!

I too am drawn to the "God Save America" sentiment on "Eunice" ... enough said!

So I wish you happy stitching on your new adventures. Looking forward to your future posts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marly...glad to see what you came up with to stitch on. She is perfect for your wish list of all x's. She is kind of similar to one I did a couple years ago. There is something so soothing about making x's that non-stitchers just don't understand. I often find myself thinking of that when I am stitching.
Love your comment about the coffee stain...it made me chuckle.
Have a great Sunday, sounds like you are on your way.

TheCrankyCrow said...

You, my friend, have one of the fullest dance cards I've ever heard of! Holy cats!! My head spins (even faster than normal) thinking about all the projects waiting in your wings. LOVE TO PIECES Lydia Broome!! Has anyone ever accused you of being an enabler??? ;o) Happy Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Faye said...

You have me hee-hawing every time I read a post of yours....I love this unique way of burning off calories!! Eunice is and will be stitchalicious and the less is more approach on the upright tall box is spot on. Love that. Now about the Pineberry Lane...I have it on my "list"... too gorgeous to not stitch...as usual with Pineberry.

Take care...me thinks we are in the same age bracket as I am constantly trying my best to remember things also...are we sisters?? And, due to my age bracket, its about nap-thirty!

Take care, Faye

Margaret said...

Great choice on the next stitch. I wouldn't bother with that crazy seven step cross either -- what do you bet you wouldn't be able to tell the difference? lol! I love Lydia Broome too! Sigh. Why did you have to remind me.. I've been trying not to think about her. lol!

Laurie in Iowa said...

I like your choice of sampler. I've never heard of the seven step cross stitch and I wouldn't bother stitching it either. There are just too many great samplers that I want to stitch. Lydia is another great design from Pineberry Lane... I'm growing a large collection of her charts.

Vickie said...

God Save America IS very appropriate! Hooray! You chose Eunice.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, wonderful work, you are great at that craft. Love Lydia Broome to, Blessings Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
I've never heard of a seven point cross stitch or whatever it is called. Not in my lifetime would I ever try that one. I like simple X's and nothing else.
Love that Pineberry Lane pattern!
God Save America :)

Barb said...

I think Eunice is a great choice. I think I'll totally avoid Hannah!!! A great little box!

Chris said...

Wonderful start Marly. Like you I would just block out that 7 step cross stitch thin!!?? WT...?!?!
The new Lydia is wonderful too.
Have a great week!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Seven steps? Seriously? Love the Pineberry Lane pattern...fabulous "bird"! The long box looks great with the gourds...so simple.
Have a great week,

Shirlee said...

An enjoyable visit as always : ) I too like that Pineberry Lane design. I'll have to pay them a visit after I finish this comment. Thanks for influencing me yet again ... lol! Love the skinny old box shelf!

Sherry said...

Ohh thanks for sharing all your lovely stitching plans and goodies again. Love Pineberry Lane designs. The long box is great!

Prims By The Water said...

Wow, I am so glad to have met someone who has more projects going than I do. I too love this Pineberry Lane piece and your long box. Take care, Janice

Ann said...

Marly, I'm working on Lydia Boone right now too. I love purchasing from Pineberry Lane - instant download for instant stitching! I'm crossing my fingers, I think I have the perfect frame for it in my stash. ~Ann

Carol said...

What a great choice for your "swing stitching" piece, Marly... I have a porch swing, too, but have never thought about stitching on it. Will have to throw on some comfortable pillows and give it a try soon.

I like your way of storing the interfacing in those see-through zippered pockets, too! Another thing to add to my shopping list. I sure do get into trouble when I read other stitcher's blogs!

Enjoy this cooler, less humid weather!

Penny said...

Darn it, you enabler you! :) I love the samplers you find. You've made a nice start! Sometimes I let what I think are complicated or tedious stitches get in the way of stitching something. Why do I never think of just substituting a different stitch?? And I always love what you find at the antique mall. :)

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