Jul 30, 2012

Fried salami and other goodies

Another two in a row!  Hi all.  Just a few things I wanted to show before I forget. 
First off, how the heck did I miss this opportunity?  This was my last basket purchase from James Creek and it's from Ragon-  the really stiff painted ones.  This one is a monster but I can't pass up an unusual size and shape.  I was getting some things ready for the framer and decided to do Fanny Erb when it hit me.  Here she is!  I'll show you how I did this one.
First off, fold the top down and press.  Cut a piece of mylar (the clear stiff stuff in the stencil section) to fit, and machine sew on a basting stitch.
If you do this on the outside, you can use a strong double back tape to hold it to whatever you are using for display without the tape coming in contact with the linen.  That doesn't bother me since I've never had a problem.  I sewed mine to the inside because I planned on pinning, but this hard surface was not easy to pierce so I may move it to the outside and end up with the tape. Just secure to the top  right under the rim and flip it over.  I used double back tape on the bottom edges since the basket is angled and Fanny was hanging out too far.  The tape really doesn't stick that well to the linen because of the weave not allowing complete contact.  Regardless, if and when I frame, this area would be turned back for mounting. 
 And I love what this little area did to Eunice.  I changed the 224 to 3772 in the body and decided to use 300 instead of the pink in the bottom area.  Love it.  Then that black border cinched it for me.  A motif, date, and over one in black is left and I'm going to have her

Do you remember the large cupboard we were working on months ago?   I finally made a decision on colors and am doing the painting to get another project completed.  I chose a dark taupe for the under color since I'm tiring of black, and a very dark brownish red for the top color.  I'm using a technique that is really primitive. Here's one of the small doors.

Now for fried salami.  I don't eat fried or greasy foods and was really disappointed when my 6 month cholesterol check came back with the bad number HIGHER, even with meds and fish oil.  I love salami and once in a great while, I sneak a few slices.  I throw the slices in a non stick pan and brown them (microwave works too and very quickly!) while they release a lot of fat.  A LOT of fat.  Dab with paper towels to remove even more.  They shrink and the flavor is intensified.  On garlic bread with Land O Lakes 5 cheese Italian blend....heaven!  Getting them really crisp and crumbling into a salad is divine too.  
And finally, the mushball and his last offspring, Nitwit.  You can tell just by looking at those eyes that he fits his name.
That's all folks!!!  Eunice will be making her final appearance soon.  Thank you so much for visiting with me - it is much appreciated - and have a wonderful week!


Patty C. said...

Lovely !!

Natasha said...

Love your finish onto the basket, great idea!

We have fried pepperoni/salami as a snack every once in awhile also... it is ohhh so yummy :)

Peggy Lee said...

I really enjoy drooling...err...ummm....viewing your neverending craftiness. You are always inspiring me to do more and yet I never do. *SIGH*

Your kitties are so cute, and yes, the name looks very fitting.

:^ )

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Ohhh Marly,
You continue to amaze me. I am still working on my 4th PS Santa ornament. For me this is progress. I have been recuperating from bladder surgery done on 7-18. Just could not bring myself to do much of anything for the past 2 weeks. Yesterday, I finally started again and got a handle on it.

Your Sampler is so beautiful!!! Good idea on the basket too. This is just what I needed ... some inspiration.

Love the kitties too ... Would love to have at least one but not sure how 'Kody Bear' would be.

Will try the salami idea about using in salads...soon.

Thanks so much for sharing.
Have a Blessed Day with Peace,

Margaret said...

Love how you did Fanny! So pretty! I'm not into salami -- it's one of those meats I just don't like. I do, however love your pic of Mushball and Nitwit. lol -- love their names! (or should I say nicknames?)

Shirlee said...

Wonderful post ... I enjoyed it all, as always : ) You are an inspiration in more ways than one : )

Bertie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bertie said...

Thanks for the basket class Marly, fabulous! I did experience a salami and cheese toasted sandwich in NY and the fat just dribbled on my new bag LOL, I do love salami but not toasted or baked, is it an American tradition?
Have a great week too!

cucki said...

Super sweet xxx

Solstitches said...

You always come up with the most unique ideas for finishing.
Your basket looks amazing!

Solstitches said...

You always come up with the most unique ideas for finishing.
Your basket looks amazing!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Marly, wow, once again you amaze me, wonderful basket. Love the kitties, Nitwit, cute name. Fried salami, will try it,thanks, Have a great day, Blessings Francine.

Sherry said...

Just stunning! love love love alphabet samplers but have a hard time finding them. Who do you mainly buy? lol on the name for the cat!

Barb said...

Your finishing is amazing to me. I'm going to copy down how you did that. If I succeed, I'll be sure to give you the credit!! It may take awhile as I'm in the middle of other kinds of projects.

Faye said...

Hey Marly, Thanks for the tutorial on attaching that beautiful sampler to the basket...I will definitely have to try that...And, your changes on Eunice are perfect.

samplerlover said...

Another wonderful idea to showcase your samplers. Fanny looks wonderful. - Sandra.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
I grew up on fried bologna, but I've never had fried salami.
Thik of me. I thought you forgot the N but scrolled back and saw you did not.
You always have the coolest way to finish samplers (that don't cost an arm and a leg like framing!). Thanks for sharing.
Pug hugs :)

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

I saw a lot of baskets at James Creek that I loved--need to get back down there! Love how the samplers look on baskets--I think it is an ingenious idea!--Jan

Loraine said...

So great Marly! I love this sampler, and it looks perfect on the basket. I must find one of those!
You are always so clever. I'm in awe!

Kaisievic said...

Marly, such a clever way to finish and show off your stitching. Love it.

Chris said...

Love the new basket and the sampler. They are perfect together.
Nitwit does have crazy eyes :) Silly boy.
The salami sounds wonderful. I need breakfast :)

Sherry said...

I just love these! Eunice is a real beauty too! Who are your alphabet sampler by? I must not be looking in the right places!

Joy said...

Fanny is perfect!! I haven't had fried salami in years:)

Anne said...

Thank you for your tutorial on making those baskets...if I could ever find them! I love them!Mmmmm that salami looks tasty!! Cute kitty photos!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Whose Fanny is sticking out??? ;o) Your Fanny finish is perfect!!! Thanks for the tut - but I'm a little dense....the "inside" "outside" kinda befuddled me....If/when I get to finishing something, I may have to ask for a remedial session. Yummmm on the fried salami - we used to have fried summer sausage when we were out of bacon/ham, etc. and I loved it. Will have to try the actual salami sometime though. Cute, cute, kitties.....Awww....really? He doesn't look like a Nitwit to me..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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