Aug 8, 2012

Preparing Eunice for framing

Greetings.  Eunice is ready for framing and I thought I would show my steps in case anyone would like to direct me to more efficient mounting.  First off, cutting the tails. 
When examining for the threads to snip, I also use a tiny piece of muslin to slip behind threads carried over.  This mystery linen is very limp, stretchy, and its weave is easily distorted.  No way for a thread to hide at all so I found several areas that needed this treatment, even though some were pastels.   Looking at the right side, you wouldn't know a dark thread is lurking.
On colored linen, I use something white since I mount on white foam core boards and it will just disappear.   
Even the over one got a few tiny threads of muslin here and there.  I tried mounting but because of the fabric, was getting flustered.   So I applied lightweight fusible interfacing to prevent the distorting, after I measured for squareness and marked the fold back line by running a perfectly straight single thread. 


So here she is, ready for framing.  Would you believe I had three large boxes of brand new stainless steel flat head straight pins from 20 years ago?  I did.  But prefer the round heads so I got rid of those boxes in favor of new cheap and easily bent crap.  It never dawned on me that they were for framing!   What a putz.
 Lucy and possibly Fanny are being framed also.  I like Fanny on the large basket but ..... haven't decided yet.  I was surprised at the cost difference of Hobby Lobby compared to Michael's (with a coupon).  Their weekly 40% off coupon can be used for the glass and the frames are always 50% off.  I also learned that the frames are not made at HL, they are ordered, shipped to the store glued/stapled, and then completed. 
My new sampler charts came in and I will show those to you next time along with a great zucchini casserole.
I'll leave you with my doe that comes to the back door for bread several times a day, and her disgusted look at the two boys tussling on the patio.  She will stand here for quite a while until she sees me, and then patiently waits for the bread to be thrown.  She has two fawns with her in the evenings.

 I'll be spending this afternoon looking through the new charts and trying to decide on another smaller design for swing stitching.  Pumroy will have to wait for a while.  I took her out last night and she is just too much linen lying on my lap when it's hot.  I should start the Santa but I so don't want to think of winter!  Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll talk to you soon.
Thank you so much for your visit!!

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