Sep 12, 2012

Mary Mary, quite contrary

Greetings everyone.  Thanks for all your comments on the knotting issue.  We've discussed glass or no glass, knot or no knot, and there is one topic that I'm almost embarrassed to bring up.  So I won't.  Not this post.  But soon.  I worked on Mary yesterday and as I sat outside to stitch today.....uh-oh.  Mary was going along quite well, but no longer!  First off, the 612 was too light so I changed to 611, the ecru wasn't showing up either so I chose a gold, and 3790 isn't visible either.  The latter is only one border and a few stitches at the bottom so I'm just substituting a current color.  I don't mind samplers that change color every two letters, but am not fond of every other letter such as this.  I don't know why but it's like static to me.  

So I just went ahead and did the lower case letters in one color, which kind of pertains to the topic I want to confess....later.  This is where I was to begin today.  Here's my major error on the line containing Mary Oldfield. 

Looking at the chart, you'll see the symbols are on the line instead of in the square, which started with the "a" in Mary at the beginning of that line.  I assumed this meant that instead of being two lines over, it was one.  Well that's only partially correct.  Each individual letter needs to be positioned separately, and I just moved the first and continued on, thinking the entire line would be one thread over since it started that way.   Dummy me thought the letter in the square just happened to line up correctly, and the letters on the line fell on the offset.   I am off by seven stitches now.
So here's my option.....remove that line and start over, or leave out the crown and just stitch "her" and the cross design.  Obviously I should remove the line and probably will.  But alter ego stitcher considered the lazy way out.  Looks like my new tweezers from Carole will get a workout tonight.  Thank you again Carole!
A sure sign of fall is my doe with her new dark coat coming in for winter, and the spots almost completely gone from her twins.  You can see the color difference.  Her beautiful reddish coat is now drab.
They ignored what was happening a few feet away.

Carried into the yard with a few good flips, and finally roughhousing was over.

Hope your week is going well.  With these house projects finally getting lined up, I've been pretty busy with ..... changes.... and getting materials, so I haven't been reading and commenting as much as I'd like.   Pretty soon it will be leaf blowing time.  I LOVE my Little Wonder blower.  But hate fall.  So until next time, thank you so much for visiting ~ hello and welcome to new followers!
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