Oct 31, 2012

Sampler Pear III

Hi everyone.  I may be outside burning linen, charts, and threads tomorrow if things don't improve, so I thought I should post the new month's pear now.  The chart to print is at the bottom of this post and if you don't want to read more of my mood ranting, just scroll down. 
I tried starting a sampler on three  four different pieces of linen and instead of having two rows completed, I don't even have two letters.  I am so disgusted.  The chart is shown on a darker gray/green linen and I dyed several pieces which looked perfect with the light floss colors.  But I can't stitch! 
 One linen is so thick and goofy, I can't even get a needle through easily.  What is this crap?  Look at those thick threads.  I have thinner fringe on my knitted scarf.  I can barely see the thin ones and this yard is gone.  I'm in no mood.  The other three linens are also perfect colors, but I'm having so much trouble. Two are similar and have a weave with very fine threads which are difficult for me to see clearly on a dark fabric.  I'm messing up every few stitches.  Another piece has that honeycomb look to the weave that I have trouble with. They're also too limp, fine, and not what I like to stitch on.  I like heavier, substantial fibers, with an easily recognizable weave.  I don't want to search for that barely seen thread.  It should be enjoyable, not work, not frustrating.  Tomorrow morning, I'm pulling my rough stuff and dyeing a piece and ridding the rest.  No looking back! 
So here's my lastest method on dyeing.  I blend several colors to get a nice shade and instead of it going down the drain, I put it in these wide mouth plastic jars.  So now I just drop in the piece, and shake it.  I even have a few that are just one color.  I store them in a plastic tray and they are ready whenever I need to dip.  So much easier. 
I happened to see this little angel while browsing Mosey 'n Me and thought it was adorable.  I could probably fish those stars out of the trash that I threw them in yesterday!!

And here's the boys coming in for a sip of cream. 

Sorry I'm still bitching.  This mood is a doozie and lasting longer than most.  My wireless printer still isn't working properly with the new router, and neither are the two computers which doesn't help.  My box order is coming in Friday - hope it's a bright spot to end the week on.
Thank you for putting up with my menopausal rants and taking the time to visit.  Still hoping all those affected by Sandy are getting help for their difficult situations.  And here's the chart -


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Ahhh, I know how you feel. I've been like that off and on since the end of Spring. I STILL haven't finished that one pitifully easy sampler for the giveaway I wanted to do.I don't know if this works, but I read that if you put a piece of white paper under your hoop on your lap, you're supposed to be able to see the holes better on dark linen. I hope it works. Give your kitties a hug, it makes me feel better!

Peggy Lee said...

Rant away my friend....we've all had those days. Sometimes I feel like I just learned how to stitch yesterday.

Chin up!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

I love those pears!!! I'm going to get some pears tommorrow.
I have had days like this! Have a great Thursday!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
May tomorrow be better...and if not Friday. We all have those days (or weeks...or months).
Hugs :)

Patty C. said...

Enjoyed the rant -tomorrow is a new day :)
Love the pear!
Any suggestions for dyeing - i want a richer shade with more variance in the finish...

Jubama said...

thank you for the pear !
Bises de FRANCE !

Barb said...

The rant is no problem-we all feel like that at times! Love that pear!

Ginny said...

We all need to rant sometimes!

Now about all those things you are throwing away . . . maybe you could give them to someone who could use them? (Like me, hint, hint!) I'm thinking that while the fabric might not work for cross stitch, it might be good for backing or for machine embroidery. And buttons - oh, my! Then again, you might be right - the garbage or fire pit might be the more humane choice.

Hope you feel better!

Mouse said...

ohhh dear that looks like burlap not linen .... rant away dear girl ... its good to talk :) thank you for the lovely pear design ... after my ornaments I am going to stitch this one :)
love mouse xxxxx

Krista said...

well, that linen is quite interesting! maybe 8 ct? lol! a new meaning to thick and thin threads. Thank you for a lovely new design! :)

butterfly said...

Another wonderful chart thank you.
Oh I do hope things get better for you soon.
I know when I have days like this I stop and move on to some thing else until I am in a better mood.
Things will get better hugs.

samplerlover said...

Yay, another pear pattern. Thank you Marly. I might have a go at making one of them over the weekend if the Ferrets (DH & DS) lol don't annoy me.

You know the girls are right. If you put a white small towel on your lap, it helps to see holes. Maybe your linen has slightly shrunk when you have dyed it and that is why you are having problems with the needle. Maybe a higher numbered needle might help.

If the fabric is no good to stitch on, it would be perfect as backing for pillows etc. - Sandra

Laura_ve said...

I can totally understand your rants, and I'm 27. I think it's a woman-thing. Yesterday I was so hysterical because I drove 20 minutes to run two errands and than I forgot all the papers I needed at home!
So, in the afternoon I took a long bath. It helped clear my head. :)
Your blog is amazing!

Chris said...

Stitching should be fun!! If the heavier linens work, yahoo. It is so frustrating when it is not fun.
The boys are so sweet.
The pear is lovely.
I hope that your stitching mojo is back soon.

Norwegianstitch said...

Hope everything works out for you in the end :o)

Regards Linda

Faye said...

Love the wide mouth jar idea...dip n shake! And, as always, we all thank you for the freebie designs... I need to stitch me a bowl of those guys and then stud me up some real pears...You are just too creative! Even if you are menapausal.... Take care, Faye

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

That is some crazy linen. I'd burn it too! No wonder you're ranting.
Love the new pear design. Hope your box order brightens up your week :)

Shirlee said...

What horrible linen! I don't blame you for getting out the lighter fluid! The wide mouth jar idea is a great one! Now I just have to convince myself that I can dye ... but after trying to stain, trying to finish, trying specialty stitches, & trying to stitch with metallic floss, I will maybe give my self-esteem a break & not try something else just now.

Carol said...

Thanks for your latest pear design, Marly... I sure hope tomorrow is brighter for you. This has been a tough week with all the gray, rainy, windy days and the rage of menopause certainly makes things worse. Hang in there!!

Sandi Durkee said...

Rant away. That's what we are here for. I'm 59 and went through periods where I didn't even like myself...glad that time has passed. Your pears are wonderful...I love every one and am going to start them after the holidays as I am on a Christmas stitching theme right now. Keep the good charting coming. We appreciate all that you do.

Vickie said...

Pet the cats!! A snuggle from Mabel always helps me. Or a really good, tight hug. {{Hugs}} to you Marly!

Jennifer Y. said...

Rant away!

Have you ever thought of using your icky linens for some other type of needlework? Like crewel?

Just draw a design on it and start satin stitching with some crewel yarn!

Shaunterria Owens said...

Thank you for sharing your dying method - so smart to save the dye that way! I have been wanting to try dying my own fabric, but I am afraid of the mess I could (alright, would) make in my sink. Thank you so much, and I've added the new Pear Sampler pattern to my stash :)


Judy said...

Oh, that is some ugly linen!! Doesn't seem right for a sampler. I like your dying idea--I tried to dye fabric once, but it didn't seem to work for me.

What could be better than to rant away---especially when we NEED to!!!

Thank you so much for the lovely pear design. I have those in my big pile of to do soon.

Tomorrow is another day!

Judy heartland stitcher

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Thanks Marly for these "Pear Samplers". I have all 3 and hope to have them done for Christmas 2013 ... Do ya think?
I cloved a pear last night ... won't be doing another 'til??? Too tedious for me, but then I bought 2 really LARGE Bosc Pears. Gonna eat the other. Hope it works cause today it is really squishy. I also dusted the pear in a mix of clove and cinnamon powder. Maybe this was wrong but, that is how I did my orange pomanders. Time will tell. Plus, my cloves lost those round buds and I did not have the patience to pick over them. Yours all look so great.
Am finally started on my 8th and final PS 'Father Christmas' ornament. YAAAAA!

Thanks for all your inspiration, with Blessings & Peace,

Evelyne said...

What an lovely pear! Thank you for the freebie.
I will stitch this one too.

Take care, Evelyne

Jubama said...

je viens tout juste de terminer 2 poires, encore MERCI :

Bises de France !

Suzanne said...

Hehe, I love a good rant, especially if it's someone elses!

Thank you so much for the pear pattern, I am looking forward to sitting down and stitching them all in the new year.

monique said...

Merci pour ce beau cadeau !
bonne journée

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