Nov 30, 2012

Oh my

Hello to everyone on a sunny Friday.  Holy crap.  Thank you thank you!  I certainly did not expect the response I've received and I'm so loaded with emails in addition to comment sales that my head is spinning.  Please give me a day or two to sort it all out for sales and requests.  I will email all buyers with their box #'s and ask for payment choice, either check or Paypal and your zip code.  Paypal users will be sent an invoice to make it easier.  I hope to have everything completed and packed for weighing so I can give you combined shipping this weekend.  I'm not sure if the repaired computer was the problem or Blogger had a hiccup, but I had one heck of a time staying logged in, comments weren't allowed even though the settings were correct, the deleted old comments from the March sale showed up again which made it look like boxes were already sold at 7, and several other issues.  Guess what?  Etsy.  I may raise the price a buck or less to pay their fees, but it would be so much easier.  And Karen (#1 and #7), please send me your email address.  You are "no-reply" so I can't reach you.  And Penny - you asked for #21 - I can't reach you either.
I need to get busy and make a few more boxes before packing so I won't be getting much stitching done.  I did do a quick design for the Christmas pear, not as involved as the design I lost, and hope to have it stitched for you Sunday.  
Thank you again.  I'm a little stunned, which is not one of the menomotions (menopausal emotion) I encounter often.  I can't tell you how much you all mean to me, by reading and following my blog, helping me with stitching issues, listening to my menorants, and encouraging me with your support.  Just know that you've made a world of difference in many ways and I am grateful and thankful for all of you.
Talk to you soon.


Faye said...

You rock Marly!!!!

village folk art said...

Happy for you that the 'puter problem is resolved.
NOT to worry, this is just a friendly reminder for Box # 5.
Will check back next week after the dust settles.

Peace & Blessings,

cucki said...

so sweet x

Vickie said...

Good for you Marly. You have a good night now.♥

Chelle said...


When you get everything sorted out, can you put up pictures of anything that didn't sell? I haven't been able to read many blogs lately and I missed your sale.



Barb said...

It all just proves that your boxes are wonderful!!

Scrap said...

just lovely ! I love your blog !

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