Feb 13, 2013

Floss box source

Greetings.  Hope everyone is fine and dandy.  For those of you interested in ordering a floss box, I am happy to say that Firecracker Kid Primitives will take orders, and will customize for you.
 Here is a photo of one they recently made, a bit smaller than mine.  Several of you requested one from us and we won't be getting to that any time soon, so you can go to their blog here and contact them.  Their Etsy site is here. 

I want to show finishes of the February pear that I've received and since crashes seem to happen frequently here, thought I better do it now.  Previous pears were lost.
Murielle finished with double leaves and button and her blog is here.


This one is from Karen's Handiwork here.  She used cardboard to shape them and trimmed the edges.

This one from Lynda was stitched on both sides, one with III and the other with V.  If I missed any, I apologize. I know I had a few others and can't find them.  I can't find anything I save and I've had it.  I'm calling the tech so he can rid me of 7 and reinstall my old Vista. 
While I was doing this post, every sip of coffee I took poked me.  Yes, poked me.  I kept looking at the rim of my mug to see what was on it.  Nothing.  Poked again!  Thinking something may be stuck to my lip I checked the mirror. Nothing.  Look closer.....closer.....OMG.  There it is.  Menowire.  The eyebrows I've lost have been replaced with a few black wires hairs that I could use as needles, and are now spreading to my lip.  Right in the corner, hidden in that saggy folded lump of fat that used to be in my cheek.  Good grief.  I avoid my magnifier mirror but I think this calls for an inspection.  Maybe I should look into getting those cheek strings a.k.a. one hour facelift, so there will be no where to hide.
Have a great day!
Thanks for visiting.
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Parsley said...

You made me giggle today.

I'll certainly have to check out the box. Great idea for finishing.

Krista said...

So funny Marly. I keep finding more and more of those every day! Love all these pears, I will definitely plan to stitch them. :)

Bertie said...

Yes I want a flosbox haha, only kidding! if only I lived in the USA!
Gorgeous pears !
I am sure you are exaggerating Marly with your story, Roflol!

MJ Hunt said...

Ah the joys of aging!!!! Will check out the floss box. Right now all mine is in floss-away bags and on giant rings! The box is much prettier to look at. MJ

Primitive Stars said...

To funny, I know what you mean, oh my........love the stitchery pears, beautiful, Francine.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Marly,
Love all your pears, and your are just too funny! You really made my day. I have stitched a couple of your lovely pears, but somehow they came out looking like light bulbs instead of pears!

cucki said...

So funny...
i love the stitchery pears, beautiful..
Hugs x

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I found Windows 7 a nightmare after Vista - I couldn't work out where pictures had gone etc. I think i've got it sorted now - If you click on PICTURES then at the top of the page that opens you can choose 'ARRANGE BY' and click on 'Month' it puts all your pictures into folders and you stand a better chance of finding things. Also I check the DOWNLOAD file thing on the left hand side. It puts stuff i've saved in there too.
Thank you for showing my pear - I loved stitching it.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Your dedicated followers must have surely made you proud of their 'Pear' stitcheries. Each one is uniquely beautiful. I plan on getting started with mine very soon!
You are too funny as always...
BTW, the floss box you show only has the base coat. It is not finished yet.

Blessings be and Peace,

Lanie said...

OMG, Marly! Just last Friday I was having dinner with girlfriends and we were talking about the mini-done-in-one-hour-no-surgery face lifts. We're all intrigued but want somebody else to go first and let us know what its like before we schedule our appointments ;)

Ellen said...

I want one of that floss box but the shipping costs will kill me! I am in Singapore ha ha!

Those pears are gorgeous, I plan to stitch some!


moosecraft said...

Ooooo ooo oooo! I can hardly wait to see some pics of their rendition of the floss box! I've heard many people say how great their work is!

As for all those pears that have been stitched... they are all lovely!

Casa Pearl said...

How wonderful to see your designs in various finishes. And good luck with those pesky hairs - I have an agreement with my nieces that they will do whatever is necessary to get those addressed if I can't see them! LOL

Peggy Lee said...

I see those little darlings every morning in my magno-mirror. You'd think at the rate they grow it would keep me up at night!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Oh, My Lord, is that funny and sadly true for me, too.
I hate my "naso labial" folds and I've got a mustache starting in the corners of my mouth, too.
Can we laugh/cry together?
I like all of the "Pear" finishes. Thank you for the info on the floss box. I'll have to see what it's all about.

Firecracker Kid said...

Hubby and I thank you very much for allowing us to use your design.

Why why, is all I wanna know. Why do we ladies have to get this wicked stubble? I've got a few on my chin that keep coming back after I pluck them. I wish I could afford a hair removal... lol.

I do love your designs! I've never cross stitched before and am in awe of those of you that do. So pretty!


Mimiplum said...

The other pears are beautiful. Thank you to présent nice charts. good day Murielle

Deb on the Cumberland Plateau said...

Hey Marly. I too love the pears and am going to take a break soon and stitch one up. Thank you for the patterns! And the menohairs? Ack! I feel your pain! Have a great day :

Deb on the Cumberland Plateau said...

Oh, and I'm still using XP, until all of my peripherals are no longer supported by it.
I will resist all upgrades for as long as possible!

butterfly said...

Oh Marly you are so funny love your openness , I never look to close in the mirror it scares me ha. one thing it's good that we can laugh at ourselves in our 60s.what fun we have now.
I just love your pears what lovely photos well done all.

Shirlee said...

I can, sadly, identify. My uncle always used to say "These are the golden years?!?!?"

Lynn said...

I loved seeing all the stitched pears. Thanks for sharing.
I can identify with you too. Someone recently told me that getting old wasn't for sissys!

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