Mar 14, 2013

Interrupted by a cat fight!

Hi everyone.  Mary would have been completed if not for my warrior's bad attitude.  Honestly, I thought having him neutered would help but he is so territorial.  Bud is very calm and sweet, until he spots another of his kind.  I have two other strays that want to come for food and he tears into them.  I was working on the final flower when I heard it.  It was already dark and they ran to the woods where I couldn't distract them.  After that, I was searching the yard with spotlights trying to find them and so upset I couldn't concentrate to finish.  He's fine today, but I worry about the others. 
The bottom of this sampler has some wacky looking two color odd leaves in the center and I didn't care for them so I just repeated the outside leaves.  The right hand flower will complete her this evening.
 And now, some things you are not interested in but I'm showing them anyway.  In my closet and drawer travels, I came across a few more old items from mom, and this wonderful little girl's 13" ivory necklace that my sister's old boyfriend bought for me when he was overseas in the service 50 years ago.   I tried to have this appraised to sell years ago and no one around here has dealt with old ivory so I still have it in my drawer. 
You can see the cross hatching on the ivory and it passed the heat test.   At that time, it was legal to sell and I understand that poaching is rampant once again.  I say shoot the poacher!  Did you know that the amazing elephants actually shed tears and grieve for their lost?  They gather around the sick and dying, and each one gently nudges their lost member to say goodbye.  
I also found mom's old fan that she carried when church was stifling.  This was also a gift from old what's his name.

And here we have the staple of all the older woman in my family for keeping rain off their perfectly styled hair.  My aunt was never without one in her purse.  They are large and patterned, fold into a flat little case, and I need to find a lady who has been looking for one.
I'm not one to throw anything away that someone else could use.  Part of my recycling mentality I guess.  My young neighbors put out sofas, chairs, desks, anything they are replacing with newer pieces and there isn't a thing wrong with the old.  It sits on the roadside waiting for the garbage pickup.  That really irritates me.  Do they not realize someone would be happy to have it, or do they not care?  I've heard from many people that they are tired of donating because too many expect, instead of appreciate, but it doesn't matter.  Usage is always better than a landfill.  And no, they don't like it when you try to talk to them about it.  Young people with attitudes and I do not mix.
That was me jumping off the soapbox.
Have a great day!!  Thank you for visiting and all your kind words about Mary.
Also, I truly appreciate the offer of greetings for my cousin, but Donna believes that it would upset Marcie because she doesn't understand some things.   They all feel that cards from someone she doesn't know will confuse her and she gets frustrated trying to understand.  She took a step the other day with assistance so albeit slow, it's still progress!!


Carole W. said...

Your sampler is really beautiful...and I'm impressed that you're almost done! Wow! What's next???? I really like the leaves along the bottom, as well as the date! And I'm OLD
enough to remember those little plastic head "thingies" (hate to admit I even owned one (note emphasis on past tense)...but, then, they were great...hairstyles were much different then!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Love the sampler, Marly! I am one of those people that picks up the stuff folks throw away, so I feel your frustration.
Hope all the kittys are okay.

eszter said...

beautiful sampler♥

Bertie said...

Good for you Marly, ithe world we live in has become a throw away one! We can take it to the charity/thrift stores here and everyone is happy.. So stay on your soapbox lol!
Lovely sampler, you did it again, how many have you stitched now?
Yes Ivory, I do have some old pieces, but when I see how elephants are dealt with, it makes me sad!
Have a fine weekend an stay away from the scratcher!

Margaret said...

Mary is gorgeous!! Love her! I will say that my family tends not to throw things out either. My DD is a good one to reuse or purchase things that others want to get rid of, so you should be pleased with her too. DS is too young yet to know. lol!

Vickie said...

Yes, I did know that about elephants. So sad.
You are almost there on the sampler!!
Hope your cats are alright.

cucki said...

awww such sweet sampler...
love for you x

Maggee said...

You've probably finished the flower on Mary by now... I inherited a whole bunch of vintage things. I should go through them one of these days. Some I already foolishly sold to someone who made a killing. Oh well. It is so good to hear that your cousin has taken a step! That is terrific! Yahoo! Hugs to you!

Barb said...

Such a pretty sampler. I agree, if someone can use it, then give it to them. Plus we do have too much in our landfills!

DianeM said...

Glad to hear Marcie is making progress :) Oh yes, I remember those rain hats (or bonnets as some called them), we always had afew in the coat closet :) I wish I had the space to pick up some of the furniture I see along the roaodside...I know alot of crafters salvage those freebies & redo them for Hubby would kill me if I 'saved' anymore stuff, I do have an old child's desk & some little school chairs that were too good to pass up! Enjoy your day...hope it's sunny where you are <3
Smiles, DianeM

Eugenie said...

this sampler is incredibly beautiful and you're almost done...
Can't wait for the last little crosses!!
kisses from France

Carol said...

You'll be finished in no time, Marly (as long as the kitties cooperate!)!

I, too, remember those little plastic fold-out rain bonnets! Had forgotten all about them until I saw your photo :)

I'm another who just hates to see perfectly usable furniture tossed out to the curb. I've actually "rescued" a few of those things myself including a darling child's rolltop desk, a stained glass window, and a sewing cabinet! What were these people thinking when they just threw them out!!

Shirlee said...

So glad to hear that Marcie took a step yesterday! There is always hope ... she continues to be on my prayer list. The sampler is coming along beautifully despite your sometimes rocky relationship. I admire you for not giving up on it. How nice to find those old things in your cupboards/drawers. I had to smile at the rain bonnet. I carried one of those in my purse when I was growing up & I remember the other girls in school having them too. Thanks for the smile that came along with that memory : ) Have a great weekend my dear!

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