Mar 4, 2013

Nothing really

Hello people.  The start of another week that brings us closer to warmth!  I haven't needed it in the last few days because of continual flashes.  Just when I think it has slowed to a very tolerable level, I get several days in a row of flash on, flash off, flash on, flash off.  Just like that commercial for The Clapper.  The great Spirit of Menopause was just clapping away and flipping my switch on and off.
I messed up on my stem stitches.  After watching the video, I realized this was similar to the way I do my backstitch and always wondered why the back side was nicer looking.   But as usual, menobrain didn't pay close enough attention and was too lazy to check the video again before starting. 
Instead of coming back up at the END of the prior stitch, I went over four and back two (into the middle of the prior stitch).   Maybe the bargello stitch was still lingering in my mind.  It looks OK but I will probably remove these small areas of stem amidst the cross stitches and stitch them properly.  The top left is all stem but other areas in the border are a mix.   The videos all showed the stitch used as an outline, but I wanted to see area work.  I started in the same holes as the cross and it gets a little crowded but makes a really nice fill.  The ends are showing linen but since the thread doesn't cross over, I guess that's the way it should be.  It's very easy to do (even if you're doing it incorrectly) and I'm anxious to get to the larger area.  Rejecting a sampler because of specialty stitches is a mistake I've made quite often.  Why am I afraid of them?  They are usually smaller areas and with all the videos and help online, should be fun.  Except for the queen.  I won't go there and don't think we will ever get along.
I received my order from Misi of 1890 Gable House Goodes and just love my berries.  I also received her closet scents and her packaging is just wonderful.
  A piece of fabric also came from a blog bud - isn't this a great piece?  Nothing like this can be found around here.  Thank you again!
I've been allowing the filthy little brat cats in the house and I finally touched Missy without blood being involved.  She was not happy and I got a look that could kill!  She starts roaming and when I try to chase her out, she slides under this hutch.  The old man Bud usually sleeps on a rug that he likes at the back door, and Nitzy is like lightening.   We couldn't find him last night because we weren't looking on the FURNITURE!  He was watching us walk by from my upholstered chair, curled up in the computer wires I threw there, and resting his muddy hair against my neck pad.
It's still snowing here and my neck is having a really bad morning so I'm staying home.  Maybe tomorrow I will venture out to our brand new Kohl's.  Finally!  It's a smaller store than most and I need tall sizes which they don't carry, but I can always find another bracelet and golf shirt for the husband.
Have a wonderful week!
Thank you for visiting!


Bertie said...

Sorry to hear about the flash, does it ever disappear?? I do love your berries, fabulous. The fabric looks very familiar, I first thought they were from your boxes!! Now do stay away from the cat, it's horrible being scratched!
Have a good week Marly!

Vickie said...

Oh, just look at Missy!
You just have to go check out Kohl's Marly. I am 5'11". If I can find jeans, you can too. I wear the Gloria Vanderbilt. They come in long! If the store doesn't carry it, go to the kiosk and look it up. You can order it from there to your house with free shipping. I know how it works. ;) I live in Wisconsin where Kohl's is from for crying out loud.

MJ Hunt said...

Hi Marly! Glad to see your work on 'Mary'. LOVE that fabric is there a place to order? Could do interesting things with it. Be careful with the cats. MJ

Margaret said...

Mary looks great! I love that sampler fabric -- so cool! lol about the cats. Yikes! Wash that neck pillow!

Carole W. said...

Love all your "goodies", but especially the fabric....A very good friend of mine, as a Christmas gift a few years ago, made me (along with three other friends) four place mats and a table runner out of this same fabric....absolutely wonderful gift....lucky you, this fabric is wonderful!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, I think Mary is coming along great, love the colors.....Pretty kitty.....Have fun at Kohl's, Francine.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

No one understands the flashes until they have had one! Nothing like being so hot you think your teeth are going to melt!

Enjoy Kohl's

Cats--they can give you a look like no one else can!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Ahhhh flashes...I've been living in the tropics for 20 years now...not that I want to scare you!! Love the goodies from Misi...yum..those strawberries! We're planning on hitting Kohl's on Wednesday for the grand opening. It'll be nice not having to trek to Niles to go to Kohl's! --Jan

Karen said...

Goodness I'm still getting now and then 'flashes' and it has been years since I went through that.
I asked my dr. on my last visit if that was normal and he said yes...most women will get hot flashes even after menop. but not as frequent...some won't but I'm one that does. But they are rare and not long lasting...whew! Bless you kiddo cuz I remember those days.

One would never know your stitches are different...just you I think...but I know what you mean.

Kohl's...yep...right here in Wisconsin like Vickie I live there too!

What cool fabric! Love it.

Those kitties...I can just see the frantic runs through the house looking for them...aren't they fun little

Hope your neck will feel better soon.

Jeanne said...

Things are looking good Marly, hope your flashes subside soon. I only get them occasionally at night fortunately (or at least so far!). Letting you know I had to collect all the BOAF little santas after seeing yours all the time - finally got the last one so I can start kitting them up. :) You inspire me so much with all your finishes.

Siobhán said...

Mary looks great! I am hopeless at stem stitch when doing it in embroidery; I need to try it with counted linen, though I fear the results.

Best of luck with the cats. Be careful!

Peggy Lee said...

I don't get along with the queen either. I pass on designs with specialty stitches too but I you have inspired me to be brave and give it another chance.
Love that fabric. I rarely see anything like it in my travels.
Poor kitties. You are so nice to let them in from the cold. Missy should show a little more gratitude I think!
I hope your neck improves. I feel I should know this but what exactly is wrong?
L.O.V.E Kohls!

Andrea said...

Marly, I think you love those kitties :)

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