Apr 4, 2013


Good morning.  The sun is out.  It's cold as heck but it should start warming up soon.  My winging it method as commander-in-stitch is going well except for one thing.  I don't like it.  Choosing colors as I progress is not the problem - it's the colors themselves.
 Pastels are just not me but I like light threads on a dark linen.  So my lesson learned is that pastels are fine, as long as they are neutrals.  Beiges, grays, browns, anything dull with just a hint of tint.  The 926 and 927 are dusty shades but they are still a little too much on the dark ground.  The original sampler is pastel except for the center area and I'm following that part,
 but when I saw these guys this morning, I realized I could have tried brighter dark floss instead of dull light floss.  It's a wonder why I have any mind left at all isn't it?  Such trivial crap.  Dorothy will be very nice when completed.
Anyway, I ordered more Rook and a small piece of 18th Century Sea Glass, Brown, and Mustard Seed.   Except for a tiny thumbnail on the screen, I have no idea what the colors will actually be but I'm hoping I can stitch on these darks.
I'll leave you with the boys and their new perch.  They fight over who gets the seat while mom Missy is jumping on top of my hutch and knocking things off.  Those are grapefruit and oranges drying on the table.
Thank you for the well wishes for my sister.  The cardiac MRI was yesterday and the results will be given Monday.
Hope your week has gone well.  It's already the start of another weekend.  Stay safe and I hope there is sun in your part of this world.
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Bertie said...

Oh Marly, I love the birds! I have never seen these in the UK, you call these Cardinals? Wonderful pic of the boys, very funny!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

It seems we've had more cardinals this year, too. It could be that the neighbor keeps his bird feeder fully stocked...

Funny how you can do your floss-toss and love the colorway, but once the fiber meets fabric, something different happens.

Hoping for good results!

Penny said...

I'm not a "pastel" girl either, but I do think your Dorothy is looking good.... Will be anxious to see it in the darker brights, however. The pic of the cardinals is just beautiful, and good inspiration for your stitchery!!
The boys are cute as can be.... they remind me of my daughter's two cats... who love knocking anything and everything that will break when it hits the floor off of her shelves and cabinets. Sweet, but BAD!
Continued prayers for your sister... and hoping for a good report on Monday.

Vickie said...

Love the picture of the mischievous boys. I am at the public library, our internet is out today. Your walls look very pretty. Blue? Purplish? This monitor stinks, I can't tell the real color at all!

Laura said...

I love, I'm going to sew Dorothy

Char said...

Hi Marly! Love your work! The birds looks so colorful in your yard!

I have a question for you - do you sell the patterns for the cross stitch Santas that are at the top of your blog? If not, do you know the name of the person who designed them and where I might be able to purchase them?


Char (char5@centurytel.net)

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Well, like you said, we're too old not to change it if we don't like it. I like the idea of your new color way. All those cardinals, beautiful! Your kitties look fun!

Margaret said...

It's funny -- I used to love pastels. Now no. I love bright colors. Bright. lol! But neutrals can be nice too. Love those cardinals -- talk about bright! Love the pic of the boys too.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh I love to see the Cardinals, lucky you, there are none here, thanks for sharing.....Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

It's sunny but cold in Ohio, too. Ugh! I am so tired of this.
Love the birdie pics and the furbabies are just too cute.
Hugs :)

Maggee said...

Whatever you decide in colors I am sure will be a delight to see! Love all the bright colored birds--what a large group! And your 'boys' are too funny! Hugs!

Chris said...

Glad to hear that the MRI is behind you guys. Hoping for good news on Monday!
That is quite a party at your birdfeeder :)
I underdtand what you mean with the colors. But now you know :) and least you are clarifying some of your likes and dislikes. At least you are stitching :)
Hugs to you and the boys!

Shirlee said...

I pray all goes well with the MRI results. Loved seeing the birdies : ) Looking forward to your critique of the new 18th Century linen colors.

Sherry said...

love the color on this linen!

Lynn D said...

The birds are gorgeous.

My husband walked by and saw the photo of your cats and asked me where I took that photo. He thought that was our cat, Angus. Gorgeous cats.

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