Apr 14, 2013

Small finish and a final needle note

Good day everyone. Thank you again for the comments on your needle preference. Many of you never paid attention to size and type, you use what is comfortable and works for you. That to me is more important than following rules, as you all know. But after the bloody assault on my finger, I checked and found that the majority of my stash was composed of these little prickers, and I needed to find a solution.   Joanne made me realize something and directed me to her blog post here.  Secured needle threading.   Thank you so much Jo for pointing this out.  I have always threaded two floss ends into the eye to create the loop at the other end.  I don't like tails or having to start a stitch with any method other than slipping the needle through that loop on the backside for a secure and neat start.  Doing that drags the two pieces of floss that are in the eye, plus the 2 ends, so 4 threads are actually going through the linen and depending on the fabric, could really create floss fuzz.  I have been the victim of floss fuzz and could never figure out why it was no longer smooth.  Joanne's method pulls two strands through, and another advantage is the needle cannot slip off.  If you drop the project to run for chocolate or any other reason, the needle will stay attached - you can't lose it!  So I tried it while stitching this small, but ran into one downside.  I miss the correct placement many times and will slip the needle off and pull the stitch out, rethread, and continue.  With the secured needle method, you have to go back through the linen in the exact spot and try to remove the stitch.  I couldn't.  The needle had caught a wisp of the back threads and I was stuck.  I've gone back before to a prior stitch and it worked just fine, but this was three stitches back, so I had to cut the floss and start over. 
This is the small that I worked on.  I had completed the first one on 18th Century Rook, and this one is on unbleached.  I moved the design and colors a little.
Easy finish.
Interfacing on the backing fabric only, one layer of the thickest quilt batting (my absolute favorite stuffing),

 Liquid Stitch to glue it shut. 
 And a good squeeze to make sure the front isn't glued to the seam allowance.

My Pineberry Lane Wool designs are done!
I haven't decided on a sampler yet but it's narrowed down to three. 
I mentioned that I was going to the doc and would ask for a pill, and she obliged.  Unfortunately, it was an anti-depressant that also was to help with menopausal and anxiety issues.  I stopped it last night.  Haven't slept in days, crushing heartburn, my neck is unbearable.  After a little research, yes, a drug that works on your mood can wreak havoc on the body.  We have to be at the hospital at 6:30 am tomorrow so I'm hoping that resting today will put me back on track for an early start to a long day.
Have a great finish to your weekend - thanks for visiting.
Talk to you soon.
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