May 26, 2013

Did you see this???

Hi everyone.  Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend.  We've had temps in the 30's at night and very cold days but it's warming up a little.  We will be 90 by week's end. 
I was doing an online search for something (I can't remember what), when I spotted this.  Holy crap.
Immediately went to EBay and bought one.  Can't wait!  I had a subscription from the very beginning until I started caring for parents and quit stitching.  But when I saw this bag I was smitten and that hasn't happened since my last fried donut.  This morning.
I'm still completely exhausted, like I've never felt before, and have been working on the drywall.  The ceiling patch was not good and rather than wait for him to return, I've removed his work and am redoing it myself but it's a very very small area. 
Not much work on Eliza because I forgot about the next pear!  As usual, I came up with several options and wasted time.  It's free, everyone is tired of them,  pick the easiest one!  So I did and will stitch it tonight.  Here's Eliza's progress once again.
 And I wanted to tell you how touched I was that Denise emailed a photo of my free chart (here).  Dealing with the heartache of losing their parents, she stitched it for her sister who found it comforting to acknowledge them in this way.  The angel was added from her mom's jewelry box.  Thank you Denise for sharing this with me.  I told her that this is how I felt after our parents passed, along with our much loved Lab.  We may look OK on the exterior, but the grief is within.
Thanks for visiting - stay safe and enjoy the holiday.
Remember those that made the ultimate selfless sacrifice.

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