May 19, 2013

The letter game

Hey.  How you doing?  We've had wonderful weather here and if I wasn't cleaning every day, I would have been planting flowers.   If I wasn't so tired from cleaning, I may have paid more attention to Eliza's chart.  My final row of rice stitch was  V, W, X, Y, Z.

Take a look at the color key.  Notice anything?  Need I say more?   Yes, I removed the entire line and stitched again with the proper colors, but honestly, I kept being drawn back to the symbol matching the letter I was stitching instead of the actual symbol for that letter!  I felt like I was playing one of those trick brain teasers. 
This next border line is a doozy to start but obviously,  any errors on my part won't be noticed.   My eyelet stitches are usually too tense and I'm anxious to see how well I do on the next alphabet.  When I saw the perfect stitches in this March post from Barrick, I felt stitch envy. 
 Some women fear close-ups of their wrinkles, but I fear close-ups of my stitches.  Just regular cross, let alone the specialty.  The threads are not even, sometimes twisted, never uniform.  But that's me, no one looks at my stitchery, and I'm not fussing over it.  It is was it is and I refuse to make it a chore.  To many of you, it's not.  You have a method learned perfectly and many times use only one strand of floss.  My fabric counts require two and even using the secure needle method and giving the needle a twist, I have wonky stitches, so I don't fight it.  When taking my mom anywhere she would always ask "aren't you going to do something with that hair?".  No mom, it is what it is.  Same for my stitching.  I think Eliza is going to be fabulous and can't wait to get further down.
I haven't been keeping up with emails and blogs because of everything being covered, so I apologize for that.  I'm also trying to steer clear of Pinterest now that I've finalized the kitchen.  Too many ideas for an indecisive putz.
Enjoy your day - stay safe - thanks for stopping by!
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