Jun 3, 2013

What to do with those hankies and my coloring lesson

Good day all.  We're back to needing a sweatshirt today!  There seems to be no happy medium. 
 As most of you do, I use the thin highlight pens to color my charts.  This time, I learned something from it.  Whenever I came across the type of three row border that consisted of adjoining X's, I went from top to bottom skipping the two threads between each.  Well, DAH!  When I was coloring this time, I realized that the X was not the pattern, a diagonal row was easier, quicker, and a much neater back.  Why it came to me this time and never before is anyone's guess.  It still baffles my menobrain that these slants create an X!!  I would be lost without doing this to my multi color rows and it certainly helps define the pattern before I even start stitching.
Back to the hankies.  Just wanted to share what I've done over the years with the more special pieces.  First off, mom's friends that shared her life received a hanky in a note thanking them for their help and condolences after the funeral.  The newer ones were donated to the nursing home and they brought on many smiles. 
When mom first moved in with us and we teased her about the number of hankies,  I stuffed them in the center, tied them up and created a hanky Christmas tree for her.  We also made sachets for our drawers with lavender. 
 Scoop lavender or potpourri into the center (or make little muslin bags), pull the center of the sides in first, then the corners, tie and voila.
They make sweet little favors for a party too.  What I used to make and sell many years ago, is the hanky envelope sachet.  I made muslin inserts to fit and lie flat.  They're pretty without anything inside too, and so easy to make.  All you need is an iron.  You can insert a special handwritten note to your loved one, or one from them.  A little stitch can hold them together, or the temporary glue stick for quilting.  Here's a sampling of some.
Most need to be lined with another plain hanky, paper, or a piece of muslin.  You can see the difference in these two.  Pressing these for the photos made me want to start selling them again.
  Just fold the sides in and overlap, then the bottom flap up, and fold the top over.  Envelope!  Using paper as the lining helps them lay nicely in a basket or stand against a vase.  Using fusible interfacing helps but it will never be a hanky again. That's my lessons for today!  But you already knew all this didn't you?  But did you know you can also cut corners off fancy napkins and embroidered pieces, sew into a square, and make an envelope from almost anything?  You did?  Well, there has to be someone out there that didn't because it was unknown to my sister.
Have a great day!  Thanks for visiting!


Sandra said...

So sweet! I just love the olde hankies. I have quite a few of my grandmothers and one that was my Mother's. My daugher, Hollis, used it her wedding day.
Many Happy Stitches,
Homespun Elegance

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I was so hoping you weren't going to send those to the trash! I don't have any from family members, but do have some from eBay and such. I have tatted an edging for one Mother of the Bride, and embroidered the initials and date for a bride.

Penny said...

I must be a real dunce because I didn't know either of today's lessons!! Coloring a cross-stitch pattern is brilliant (that explains why it never occured to me), and would definitely make my stitching much easier..... And I do have lots of old hankies that would be great sachets or envelopes. Thanks for sharing, Marly!!

Vickie said...

ooOoo! Marly! I did NOT know these things. I would hop up and down in my chair but Henry would not like that and would fall off my lap!! I KNOW what I MUST try with a hanky or two now. THANK YOU!! =)

Penny said...

Please blow a little cool air our way! It's like a sauna here today. :) I can see how coloring the chart would make it easier to read. Love seeing what you did with the hankies!! If you ever do start selling them again, I know who would be one of your first buyers. :)

Karen said...

Well this was fun!
What a great idea to do with the hankies.

I'm lost...don't understand the chart thing - but I read it and hope one day to get back into it and then maybe it will click in my head.


Primitive Stars said...

Thanks Marly, I collected such pretty hankies but not to sure what to do with them,now I know, So pretty, Francine.

Lynn said...

Sweatshirt weather here too and just 2 days ago we were sweltering.
I didn't know the tips for the hankies either. My grandmother also had many of these but my mom got rid of them before I was old enough to have any say in the matter. Who knows? Maybe she kept one or two!

nitebyrd said...

Thank you SO much for sharing those hankie ideas! I have quite a few that were my grandmother's and was at a loss with what to do with them!

Margaret said...

Oh fun! I love the envelope idea for sure. I've probably seen it before, but I love yours! Great stuff!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Marly! The hanky post brought back so many memories...I remember well my mother and all her sisters were never without a lace trimmed or embroidered hanky. They were always either clutched in the hand or tucked...ahem....down the front! ;) My goodness...I do believe I have the vapors!! Jan

Barb said...

Those are wonderful things you did with the hankies. They are all so pretty!

ROSELLA69 said...

Veramente stupendi complimenti,ricami molto preziosi,un abbrraccio.

Three Sheep Studio said...

I love that someone else has a great Hanky collection !!
I have been collecting Hankies for years...combing yard sales...it takes just the right person to purchase them ! It seems no one wants them anymore. Sad.

Chris said...

Very cool uses for the hankies :)

Peggy Lee said...

Note for today: Find Masterchief's grandmother's old handkerchiefs and create something with them.
Thanks for the lesson!

Carol said...

I'm sure your mom's friends treasure their special handkerchiefs, Marly. That was a sweet gesture. I especially like the idea of the envelopes--could use that on some of my grandma's old hankies.

Had to turn the heat back on today--45 this morning :( Is it really June?!!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Old hankies take me right back to childhood. What a great idea...I knew all the old ones I saved would one day have a new purpose.
Thanks for sharing this sweet idea!

Barbara said...

I must try this will all the hankies I have inherited from my Mother and Grandmother. It would make a wonderful way to display them. Thanks!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Good Ideas!!! Dianntha

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

I have no hankies but I love your sachets ... I do use dried lavender a lot. The smell of lavender is soothing to me and not to sweet a fragrance ... plus it keeps bugs away.
Yup, I color my chart with yellow hi-liter. Works for me.

Peace & Blessings,

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