Jul 31, 2013

I found my ideal weight

Hiya.  How the heck are you?  I'm about menopaused out.  Ishkaboobled day I had, let me tell you!  Nothing went right and the more frustrated I became, the hotter the flash, the more chocolate I ate, the more potty mouth I yelled.  
 But anyway, I finished a little project.  My interfacing choice of late has been lightweight but it really doesn't feel like that.  For this little pillow I tried the midweight and guess what?  Unless my mind is backwards, it feels lighter than the lightweight.  Very nice body and stiffness.  I'll have to do a comparison on the same fabric to really tell.  For now, my ideal weight is this one.  To avoid choices, decisions, and confusion, I would rather have one product to use for all projects.  It just makes my life easier.  That little 3 drawer chest that was going to hold three needle sizes - forget it.  I'm sticking with one size and  getting rid of the rest.
Here's the little pillow.  I found this chart, Dutch Sampler, when I was doing the Ebay listings and planned on selling it, but I'm glad I changed my mind.  I think this design fits a lot of decors, even primitive, and it was a very quick and easy stitch.  There is an error on the chart but easily corrected.  It's OOP but on Ebay right now and Etsy. 
This is the book.  The sampler is very nice also but I really like the friend pillow.  I backed it with a brown that has a little blue dot.
I had to buy a new printer which has been the hold-up on the tags.  Didn't really want HP again and after an easy set-up, two color cartridges wouldn't align and the intake rollers mark every sheet.  Not happy.  Bud liked the box though.
I found two new items last week and with wood everywhere and the rest of the crowded mess, I just stuck them here for now.  I love red boxes and this is a ???? butter churn thingy-ma-do?
Tomorrow it's back to the doc that did the EVLA on my legs last year, which failed, and my legs are worse than before so they want another 2 hour ultrasound.  If they think I'm going through another EVLA, they're nuts.  We'll see what the test shows.
Thanks for all the entries for the pear!  Oh.  One of the blogs I wanted to mention is Eff's Needle.  I came across her post on the Mary Beale sampler wreath and enjoyed seeing her other work.  Translate button is at the top of her page.  I really love the Beale wreath but I'm not sure if I would stitch it.  Her Christmas wreath that I stitched last year became my favorite holiday piece. 
Back to my mess!  Thanks for visiting.  If I forget to draw a name Friday, please email to let me know!  My email button is in the right hand column.
Have a safe and enjoyable end of week!



Margaret said...

lol! And here I thought you meant your own weight. lol! Love the pillow -- very pretty! I like your new finds too. I'm sure you'll find the perfect place for them once all the work is done. Yikes on your legs! I hope you don't have to go through all that treatment again....

Pam in IL said...

I'm interested in the interfacing weight differences too. Love the little pillow! After many headaches with HP printers, I finally bought an Epson and am never, ever going back to HP.

I don't know what EVLA is, but I hope you don't have to have it again. Keeping you in my prayers.

butterfly said...

Lovley pillow, my printer died so I had a new one took me a few days to gey use to it but now love it, hugs.

Chris said...

I hope that your Dr.s visit goes well. I love your sweet finish. At least Bud is happy :)

Maggee said...

We need a color printer here at home too! My HP can scan long pages so despite the expensive ink I must keep it. Have lots more genealogy to scan! Love the little pillow--LOTS! Hugs!

cucki said...

aww lovely pillow..
lol..i also thought you meant your own weight..he he he
sending you big hugs x

Karen said...

Morning Marly
Lovely little pillow tuck you did there.
I use that same weight Pellon for my Wools - I really like it as it is very movable so I can position stems and little pieces better.
Hope you get a final good 'fix' for your legs...that is something that if they hurt it makes you so tired all the time.
I just got a new HP 2 weeks ago and fortunately it works great. I had a Cannon before and it never run right...jammed constantly. And this one is wireless! I love that feature.

Bertie said...

Lovely to see you stitching something Dutch Marly, I have that but done nothing about it! Sorry to hear about the MP and your legs,does not sound good.
Your pears have done you proud, they are fabulous.

Have a lovely weekend:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Marly,

Try taking 2 T. of organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg's brand is the best) in 8 oz. of water twice a day and see if you get some relief from the flashes. You can google "apple cider vinegar" to see its truly amazing benefits.


Cricket-bug Corner said...

I "heart" you - you are hilarious!!

Vickie said...

Oh Marly! I am sorry to hear that your legs are worse than before. You know that ablation I had done for my pain? It made more pain for me. My whole leg now hurts gradually over the day, worst at night. Every day and night. And the doc wants to do another one in a different location. I don't think I am gonna do it.

Carol said...

Your little pillow is perfect, Marly! I've just been looking through a lot of my old charts and magazines in my organization efforts and have found quite a few "oldies, but goodies" that I would have passed over a few years ago.

The leg procedure sounds painful! I sure hope they can figure out an alternative to that last procedure. Good luck to you...

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Don't you love it when what we thought was heavy turns out to be light? Wish my scale would do that! Sorry your flushes are so bad and I hear ya about the potty mouth when they are at their worst :O) Your little friend pillow is lovely. Hope the tests go well on your legs Marly, sending good thought that the doctor's visit goes well. Off to visit Eff's Needle, thanks for the link. Deb

Evelyne said...

Hi Marly,
Love the pillow.

Thank you for mention my blog!
I love to read yours too and love your work.

Have a nice week-end, Evelyne

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