Jul 12, 2013

Progress, but no donuts

Greetings!!!  First off, the cats want to know what that bright light is.  Sun!!!  Finally an end to the rains and humidity.
Missy feels pretty good about it.

Progress on the house project.  After waiting two weeks Ed is finally coming Monday to start the flooring so we had it delivered today.  We planned on bringing it into the dining room but the delivery man said it's over 2000# - don't do that!
We ordered 6-10 foot lengths instead of the smaller piece bundles.  We got everything ready for him since he is so far behind.
Also making progress on stitching.  These simple to do vines are on both sides and the bottom so I 'm getting excited.  I changed 3011 to 3012 in the flowers.  I saw a kit (can't remember which) that contained 36 count linen and a 26 needle.  Hmmm.  I thought that required a 28 needle.  So I went down to 24 for my 30 count, just to see how I like it.  I had quite a time of it trying to secure the floss ends on the back.  The needle was a little too large to go under the threads.  Back to 26.  If you take a good look at the house, you can see where I changed direction.  I use the sewing method and over the bottom window on the left, you can see how it looks like the rows are off a little.  I stitched vertical rows and the rest horizontal.  Yes I know that's another needlework rule that I fail to follow.  Been there before, and I run the eye of the needle, letter opener, bone folder, ruler edge, little screwdriver, nail file, my nail, laying tool between the rows in one direction and it usually solves the problem.  Strange isn't it, how the same exact thread and same stitch can look different depending on direction?  Sort of like the nap on velvet. Well I did it, I'm not sorry, and I'll do it again. The top windows were all done vertically between them and the very top horizontal.   OK, quit looking for more.
I was waiting for snap rings before I offer a few tags, and check this out.  The package (which are 89 cents for 2) states 1".  So I ordered 1" in bulk online to get them a little cheaper.  Here's what their 1" is like compared to the others.  Looks a bull's nose ring.  So now what?  Do you care if the ring is larger?  Should I quit offering the rings?  Do you use them? 
Oh my, I just had a hot flash and my head picked up like a buck smelling a doe, but it was a donut that I was looking for.  Damn.  I ate the last one.
And finally, in my stash tossing I found this.  I lined the inside of the tiny drawers with a heavy red cardstock and I plan on painting/distressing the piece, and adding old gold lettering in 24, 26, and 28 on each drawer for needles.  Sounds like a good plan, but I think I should put a few needles in and see if my fat crooked finger can retrieve them from these tiny drawers first.
I have to run over to my sister's and let her have my car for the day so I best be moving.
Thanks for visiting!
Enjoy the weekend and stay safe.

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