Aug 19, 2013

Tag notice

Good morning.  I posted the tag designs on the Box/Tag page for you to check out.  I'm trying something to make it easier for me.  I will have an Add to Cart button from Paypal that will allow you to order while it tracks the inventory.  You will put the design number(s) that you want in a text box beneath the Cart button along with "cord" or "ring",  BUT when you get to the cart page, you will need to increase the QUANTITY to the number you are ordering, otherwise, you will only get one.  Just click into the quantity box and change it.  If you're only ordering one, no change is needed, just the design #. 

Example - you want 2 of #4 - you enter 4-ring (or cord) in the text box and you need to change the quantity to 2 in the cart.
If would want #3, #10, and #12 for a total of three tags, you enter 3-cord 10-cord 12-ring into the text box, Add to Cart, and increase the quantity to 3.

The cart will automatically add the correct shipping and you can delete or change any item, just go back and change the text box or quantity.  For now, this is USA shipping only.  International needs to be package rate since it is not a flat and each country is different.  The other thing - it will be a day longer in shipping because I have blank tags ready for labels, and will make them as you order, sealer needs to dry for a day.  Rather than guess what you would like and have them ready, this makes more sense to have you choose instead of taking what's left.  I have forty tags and a few set aside for special requests (like the Ghoul tag) so this should last for a quite a while.  You have time to browse and note the number of your choice, and email me if there is an older design you would like and it isn't shown.  The new printer has made this a real chore and I've spent days correcting the tint!   I will send out a post when the sale opens but with 40, no need to rush!  The choice of hemp cord is shown in my header photo, and the snap ring is 1".  Remember to specify after the # (14cord 3ring) your choice of hanger.  I think it will be pretty easy - better than trying to check availability through comments - let me know your thoughts.  Confused?  Do you have any idea how long it took me to figure this out???  LOL!!  I think it's fairly easy but email with any questions you may have. 
 Enjoy your day!
p.s.  My new sampler is different than the ones I was considering.


Vickie said...

You don't say, about the sampler choice. ;)

Maggee said...

You are too funny about your choice of samplers to stitch! I NEVER would have imagined you changing your mind... oh no, NEVER! Ha! And I understood exactly what you were talking about with the Cart button! Of course, I am a webmaster... heheheh! Hugs!

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