Aug 30, 2013


Hi everyone. 
Here's a snip of the randomized list, and the number drawn was 69.  Jenny!    I have your email and will contact you for your tag design choice and address.  Once again, thanks to all who participated.
Right now I have two wild cats that snuck into the house and with all the furniture items shoved into piles, I can't find them, catch them, or remove them!!!
Will be putting things back into place tomorrow including the kitchen cabinets. 
Still not up to par but my Spiderman neck pillow with the little squishy beads feels SO good.  I'm even sleeping with it.  It's for kids, but the adult sizes are too bulky and this smaller size is just perfect for support.  I don't know what the tiny bead pillows are called but they smoosh around to form and fit your body and I love to play with them.   Great comfort too.
That's all.  I have to search for brats now. And what is that blinking colored dot in the photo upload?  Have to wonder if I'm seeing things!
Enjoy your weekend's start.  Hope to show more of Thankful in a day or two.



Jenny said...

Hi Marly, I am just so excited!!! I absolutely fell in love with the cardinal pillow when I saw it. It will be well loved. I will send you an email right away. Thank you so very much.

cucki said...

Congrats to Jenny x

Bertie said...

Congratulations to Jenny! What a brilliant idea to use a child's pillow, glad to hear it is comfortable for you Marly. Good luck with the Brats lol.
Have a lovely weekend:))

Shirlee said...

Congratulations to Jenny!

P.J. said...

Yeah for Jenny! I love my travel pillow too. I sleep with a buckwheat pillow for the same reason and it is way cooler when your hot.

Chris said...

Aww spiderman :) I hope that the cats turn up. Won't it be nice to have things back in order?

Vickie said...

Congrats to Jenny! Good luck with getting things and cats in order.

Maggee said...

Dang! Hope you got those cats by now!! Hugs!

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