Sep 28, 2013

DMC linen

Happy Saturday.  Hope the weekend will be a good one for you.  I am one of those people that get stuck and dwell on an emotional issue so mine will be quiet and uneventful.  It started off with a misstep that created a dark blue toenail which I will certainly lose.  Not my favorite color, but nothing to complain about.
I wanted to show you the DMC Charles Craft linen I ordered through Wal-mart.  It is less stiff than my older pieces, has a little sheen, but for the price, perfect for little ornaments that I will step on, douse with coffee, and politely "age".  Here's a look along with a few other pieces of Antique Tan and Tea-dyed 28 counts.  The large piece is the Charles Craft.  I just checked to see if they changed the price, and they did - again.  First it was $13.55, then $10.56, then $9.83, and now back to $13.55.  I guess if you want a piece (20x24), you should check daily and order on a low price day!  No shipping charge either with Site to Store.
My BOAF boys were done on Charles Craft tea-dyed linen.
Mark didn't want to wait any longer for a painter so he got the room primed and ready for him.  Good thing.  I hate it.  We had it tinted to match the paint color that is fabulous in my friend's house, and sucks lemons in mine.  My old color is Benjamin Moore's #974 and it is not gray, not beige, not yellow, pink, or green.  Very neutral in my home and I will probably go back to it.  I'm glad he primed it, otherwise, I wouldn't have the opportunity to change it.  Choosing paint drives me nuts. 
As for stitching, I was considering Scarlet Letter's Sally Fiske or Lora Turner, R&R's Rebecca Waverly, and Essamplaire's Mary Margaret Mallet.  The two SL's were recently pinned by someone I follow on Pinterest, so that coincidence made me think it should be one of the two.  But usually, something draws me to a completely different design last minute.
I did get my box ready for Midnight Ride and decided to keep the natural wood by sealing it rather than painting.  I didn't order the chart yet because I would like to browse other designs to include in the order.  The eye dancing is getting better so I should be able to stay on the computer a little longer this weekend.

No matter how I try - even lifting him and setting him down on the correct side, this little nitwit still prefers his own position.

I happened to see these items on Ebay and thought they were cute.
Meadowbrooke Gourds has the nicest cut gourds for fall and halloween.  I always enjoy visiting their site.

I'm done.  We've had several sunny days and I think today, I will spend some time on the swing enjoying the warmth.
Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.
Thanks for visiting!


Vickie said...

We are having great weather here too. Cute gourds. Enjoy the weekend!

linda said...

I always enjoy your posts Marly! Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts.

Simply Victoria said...

I am loving the warmer days too.
I have bought that same Charles Craft tea-dyed fabric at Michaels. With one of their coupons, it is a good price.

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

I really enjoyed the beautiful warm weather today in Pa. Was out and about in it most of the day. Not looking forward to Winter. I love you're new stitching choices but Rebecca Waverly sticks out as being very Marly :)

Barb said...

You are considering some really pretty samplers. Lucky you , we are dealing with pouring rain and wind,even a short power outage!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

That's nice looking linen. I didn't know Walmart sold it. You just went to I'll have to check.
You have plenty of gorgeous samplers to pick from to stitch. I always enjoy seeing your finishes.

Jonette said...

I just finished Lora Turner and she was a fun stitch. I did change some colors. I have Sally Fiske in my stash pile. Thanks for letting us know about the linen. I recently ran across some of the old Charles Craft tea dyed in a second hand shop and bought all of it. Love tah linen. Happy stitching!

Margaret said...

So is the box for Midnight Ride the one from Lone Elm or whatever that company is called??? Or a different one? I like your choices for a next stitch. Very nice!

cucki said...

Here it's such a sweet day :)
Happy Sunday hugs x

Three Sheep Studio said...

Loving the witchy gourd !
(but all of them are very fun.)
Good to know about the linen.
Really like the stitching choices.

Maggee said...

I like the doggie one the very best!! How extremely clever! What is with WM and the pricing?? Jeepers! Enjoy the weather...I might sit outside for lunch tomorrow. Still nursing pneumonia... joy...

RenateO said...

I like your blog and your wonderful stitching. I also bought the tea dyed linen at Michaels for USD 5.13 (20 x 24). I used a 40 % coupon.I think it is a good deal.
Regards Renate

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