Sep 28, 2013

DMC linen

Happy Saturday.  Hope the weekend will be a good one for you.  I am one of those people that get stuck and dwell on an emotional issue so mine will be quiet and uneventful.  It started off with a misstep that created a dark blue toenail which I will certainly lose.  Not my favorite color, but nothing to complain about.
I wanted to show you the DMC Charles Craft linen I ordered through Wal-mart.  It is less stiff than my older pieces, has a little sheen, but for the price, perfect for little ornaments that I will step on, douse with coffee, and politely "age".  Here's a look along with a few other pieces of Antique Tan and Tea-dyed 28 counts.  The large piece is the Charles Craft.  I just checked to see if they changed the price, and they did - again.  First it was $13.55, then $10.56, then $9.83, and now back to $13.55.  I guess if you want a piece (20x24), you should check daily and order on a low price day!  No shipping charge either with Site to Store.
My BOAF boys were done on Charles Craft tea-dyed linen.
Mark didn't want to wait any longer for a painter so he got the room primed and ready for him.  Good thing.  I hate it.  We had it tinted to match the paint color that is fabulous in my friend's house, and sucks lemons in mine.  My old color is Benjamin Moore's #974 and it is not gray, not beige, not yellow, pink, or green.  Very neutral in my home and I will probably go back to it.  I'm glad he primed it, otherwise, I wouldn't have the opportunity to change it.  Choosing paint drives me nuts. 
As for stitching, I was considering Scarlet Letter's Sally Fiske or Lora Turner, R&R's Rebecca Waverly, and Essamplaire's Mary Margaret Mallet.  The two SL's were recently pinned by someone I follow on Pinterest, so that coincidence made me think it should be one of the two.  But usually, something draws me to a completely different design last minute.
I did get my box ready for Midnight Ride and decided to keep the natural wood by sealing it rather than painting.  I didn't order the chart yet because I would like to browse other designs to include in the order.  The eye dancing is getting better so I should be able to stay on the computer a little longer this weekend.

No matter how I try - even lifting him and setting him down on the correct side, this little nitwit still prefers his own position.

I happened to see these items on Ebay and thought they were cute.
Meadowbrooke Gourds has the nicest cut gourds for fall and halloween.  I always enjoy visiting their site.

I'm done.  We've had several sunny days and I think today, I will spend some time on the swing enjoying the warmth.
Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.
Thanks for visiting!
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