Oct 14, 2013

Good grief. Linen. Again.

Hello people.  I'm having a bit of a stash fit.  For a few days, I've been trying to organize the mess in the room where my charts and supplies are kept.  I've done this before.  And before that.  But nothing changes!  I keep sorting and folding and rolling and putting the material back in the drawers.  Half of if is mystery linen that I've bleached and dyed, much of it is soft and silky, and some are new pieces gifted to me or purchased that I love.  Is it a sin to burn linen?   I made a small pile of bad dye jobs, flimsy see through pieces, and small counts, and topped it off with my lighter.  The way I was told to check a piece of fabric to see if it is wool or a blend, was to take a match to a corner.  If it curls up and melts, it's not natural fabric/wool.  Then why did some of this linen melt? 
I have it narrowed down to several bags by counts, which on some is just a guess.  Is this the right way to find the count?  I go over and under every two threads and then measure.  What's the easiest way?
  Here's the results after the fire.  But I was missing my yardage from Scarlet Letter.  Unbleached and Golden Streak.  And where were all the larger pieces?  I forgot that I have two boxes, one holding larger charts and one for smalls, many with the linen.
I think my option right now is to box the pieces I don't plan on using and store them in a place I will never remember.  Can't put it behind the TV.  But at least I won't be sorry that I pitched it all.  There isn't much difference between 28 and 30, but I still prefer 30 or 32 and 3/4 of the pieces are 28.  I'm hoarding some smaller pieces of fabulous colors in 35/36, and look forward to using them.  So not only do I have a problem cutting into a yard or large piece of linen, I can't let go of the outcasts. 
 I started on book 88 and cut eight pieces from a 14 x 18 piece of 32 count and I love it.  Great texture and heft.  I will finish the first one this evening.   
Not many were interested in the santa charts so I just chose a name and will send those off tomorrow.
As I'm typing this, a headline is glaring from the nearby newspaper.  I don't bring up things like this, but I'm getting sick of these types of findings, and this disgrace was committed to VETERANS.  I am livid.
"A two month Pittsburgh Tribune-Review investigation found Veterans Administration workers or contractors committed 14,215 privacy violations at 167 facilities from 2010 through May 31, victimizing at least 101,018 veterans and 551 agency employees.  Some had photos of their anatomy posted on social media; others had their stolen IDs used to make fraudulent credit cards." 
How many do you think will lose their jobs?  None.  Never do.  You won't even hear about it on the network news.  Just move them somewhere else.  I think the government should stay shut down and start paying firms where employees are supervised, have consequences to actions, enough work to keep them busy so they don't have time for this garbage, and the managers in charge of them can also be fired.
I was going to leave you with a photo of cat #4 but I'm too angry now.  I think I'll grab some linen and a lighter.
Thanks for visiting. 
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