Oct 16, 2013

Why did she ask that?

Hey.  What's up with your bad self?  That's what husband always asks Bud, our warrior cat.  He comes in every night for a good back scratching.   My morning is dark and rainy which makes the newly painted room look even darker and although the wall color is very light, I think it's too dark.  Does that make sense?  I picked up more samples and may have it redone lighter.  If I won't be happy, now is the time to change it before the trim goes on.
Jeanne asked me if I used the recommended colors on the PS Santa, which I did, surprisingly.  Well that jolted my brain into its revision mode.  Right after I replied that I didn't change any colors, I did. This guy's pants are now gray instead of green.  So I'm glad she asked because I think it will lead to some Santas that are more my style.
 I pulled another piece of 14" x 18" 32 count which was unbleached, and bleached it.  I cut a small section to test because sometimes the warp (weft?) lightens and the weft (warp?) doesn't, leaving striations that I don't like.  This piece did just fine, better than fine in fact. Just a little lighter but enough.  Didn't want to push my luck.  This is it compared to the current linen for #88.  I wanted eight more pieces for the next series and am anxious to start. 
The plan is to do book #80 with completely different colors than I've ever used for Santa, and the darker linen would contribute to the look I'm going for.  So here's the choices so far. 

 All of the pieces in book #80 are red which I don't want, so I will try these colors instead, or maybe incorporate a few into the current work.  I'm anxious to see what they will look like subdued and dusty compared to the red and green I'm used to.  May not be nice at all!
In Scarlet Letter's October newsletter, she offered this book to the first person who could identify the flower in the photo. Me!! I won! What a lovely book it is.
 I also received my two SL samplers from Ebay and am thrilled with Mary Elliott.  She's a big girl! 
  I'll have to make some adjustments to Sally Hunt.  The body of the house and everything beneath it is over one.  The background around the bottom verse is filled with tent stitch.  I'm sure I can change the stitching for the house and grounds, but the verse will have to stay over one, and I will probably not fill around it.  I know this bothers those of you that take pride in reproductions, but it doesn't really matter to me if changes are made.
Thank you for the compliments on the header photo.  Two of the samplers are from many years ago, Scarlet Letter's Lydia Bond and Chloe Lincoln, with Mary Haslehurst in the center.
We'll be busy the next few days but I should have a few more ornaments done by the weekend.  I hope the new colors work out and I'm not wasting my time, but this will be interesting!
Hope your week finishes with good stitches and great pie.
Yep.  Making another today.
Thanks for visiting!
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