Nov 20, 2013

Sale date

Hello people.  How you doing? 
Isn't this new little sampler adorable?  Anna Eliza Abe from Threads of Gold.  On my list!
We've had problems with the crown moulding and the trim's new paint is developing darkened areas. Between that, car problems and appointments, I haven't had time to check blogs or get the page ready for sales. Tomorrow I will try getting the Buy Now button for each box which will take quite a while, and the page will disappear until Friday. Friday morning it should be functioning and ready to take sales. If not, the roar you hear may send the Finding Bigfoot team to PA. Until then, no orders please.  Next week I will post some journals and a few more boxes.   The price for the rounds is $10 and ovals $12.  Shipping for one is First Class at $2.50 but more than one puts the weight over the 13 oz. limit and into Priority rates.  Much higher as you know. 
Heritage Mary and Frances - I'm sorry but you are no-reply and I could not contact you.
I have been trying to have a large salad for dinner in an attempt to rid the extra pounds from the 7 bags of Halloween candy.  I have a small flat shredder that I use for my Asiago cheese chunk to top the salad.  I was told that touching the cheese will eventually create mold.  True?  I always keep a small plastic bag on it for handling but I was close to the rind so removed it.  I touched the cheese.  I felt a little naughty.  But the shreds were not coming out!  I kept pushing it harder and harder into the holes and my short fuse was lit.  My husband was quietly watching sitting across from me.  I was pressing so hard that the loop handle was embedding in my finger and blood would soon be gushing.  I tried out my new cuss words, slammed the do-not-touch cheese onto the counter, and noticed something.  The grater was upside down.  I was trying to shred on the smooth side for what seemed to be minutes.  I said "I'm using the wrong #@*& side!"  Husband says "I know".  "WHAT?  Why the hell didn't you tell me?"  His reply - "I was afraid."  I often wonder if extreme cases of MENopause can figuratively move the "pair" to the female.  We become the aggressive hot heads and they cower during our tirades.  I like it.
For those of you looking for Frances Bliss and Lydia Hinckley, the charts came up on Ebay here.
Wish me luck on the page post!
I'm anxious to get back to stitching this weekend.
Thanks for visiting and enjoy your evening.

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