Dec 15, 2013

A gift~ A start~ A brat!

How are you?  Feeling good or stressed out?  Basking in warm sunshine or covered in white crap?  We were hit with snow the entire day.  The roads are terrible which is why I didn't leave the house and won't for a few days.
I received a gift Saturday from Shirlee.  Stitched on osnaburg, aged to perfection, and just my style.  Thank you thank you Miss Shirlee. 
 Right now it's at the bottom of a small tree keeping my chenille snowman company, but tomorrow I will try several spots and choose the one that I will see most often.  I love it love it Shirlee ~ thank you again.
You can see the gloomy day of snow falling outside. 
I also discarded the five samplers I was contemplating for a new project.  The Attic's newsletter arrived and I saw the 2014 stitch-a-long (An Unidentified Essamplaire), and it triggered a memory of a similar chart.  Random Thoughts by Sheepish Designs.
I made a mess in the parlor that I just organized to locate it.  Did I?  No.  I think I burned it years ago, but did find the scribble copy.  I obviously planned on starting it long ago and even then, I was changing the charted colors.  Well, my taste has changed and I changed them again.

 I like these muted colors and will use some brights on the motifs. Should be a fairly quick project. But then I got distracted with small Christmas projects and when I posted the chart offer photos, I spotted the red Santa in book 53. I did the green and like the size so should I save the red one for next year, or stitch it now? Carriage House's Sampler Stocking is drawing me in and that may be next year's Christmas project along with another Mary Beale wreath that Connie gifted me.   The stocking comes up on Ebay fairly often so I should be able to snag it or locate it in an online shop.  The two smaller wreaths are still available as downloads from Mary Beale's site here, click on Christmas Ornaments. Her angel and sampler stockings are amazing but I like the shape of Kathy's better. 
I have to show you what Bad Bud did.  All the brats have their houses together in another area and I made Squeaky an open box with wool pad, and a house box with sherpa over wool.  Well.  Bud didn't want Squeak having a house so he pulled the sherpa out and away, and took up residence in the open shelter.  See the big brat in the box?  Squeak is so funny.  He brrrrrrt's constantly.  It's not a purr, it's not a cry, it's not a meow.  It's a brrrrrrt.  I touched him the other day and he bolted, but he came back.
The few boxes I had left sold, thank you very much!  I hope you continue to like them because this tall oval isn't made anymore, so I bought out what they had left.  Cases.  I guess covering them with aged paper and fabric can be done when you tire of the labels.
Have a wonderful Sunday and start to the new week.  Middle of December already.  All I can say is - spring is coming fast!
If you had an inquiry for me and I didn't reply, it's because I can't.  Your setting is no-reply and going to the Google page still doesn't show an email.  You can click the EMAIL button in the right column for contact - I think that setting applies to comments only and I may be able to respond. 
Thanks for visiting!
Stay safe, hug hard, stitch happy, eat chocolate.


Robin said...

Nice start on the Random Thoughts piece! Too funny about Bad Bud!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Marly!

Robin in Virginia

Judy said...

Very nice gift. I like the new sampler start. We have 8" of the crap! Ha, entertaining kittys.

Judy Heartland stitcher

Lida said...

No snow overhere, Rain in the night, mist in the morning and sun during the day, what I loved because I married last Friday and we had a very short honeymoon!

Catherine said...

Sweet piece from Shirlee! And lovely new start. Giggling at the bad kitty!

Vickie said...

What a nice gift from Shirlee.
Aww Bud. C'mon Bud. Give Squeaky a chance. It is cold out there!!

C. M. Designs said...

That is a lovely gift from Shirlee. She's a thoughtful gal.
I feel so badly for Squeak.. I hope Bud will "shape up" and stop being such a bad boy.
This month surely is flying by.. I used to like winter but don't any more..
We don't have any white stuff, just MUD ! Not pretty !
Enjoy the coming week and stay warm and safe.
Charlotte in Virginia

Margaret said...

I know precisely the noise you are talking about that Squeak makes. Mia makes it too. It can be very conversational. lolol! I looooooove your new project! Why have I never seen that one? It's wonderful! Sigh. Naughty Bud. :(

Barb said...

We had a perfect NW day, very mellow. I sat on the front covered porch and drank my coffee, did I mention that it was drizzling?(As usual). What a pretty gift and a funny story about the kitties!

Chris said...

What a lovely gift from Shirlee! She does wonderful work.
I love your new sampler start.
Bud is a brat!!
Great advice, have a great week :)

Karen said...

Your home is so pretty for the holidays! All of the santas and simplicity of your decor is so soothing. You are really a blessing to so many people! I am going to use the safety pin technique because I might want to move things too. Also, I have the Mary Beale wreath pattern from long ago but didn't realize she had another wreath pattern. I didn't get to finish many Santas, only 3. So I will wait until next year to finish them and display them and work on more this year. I am thinking of trying one of them in 1 thread over one to see what it would look like. Probably not good and I will end up tearing it out. Adore your kitty townhomes. Bud must be claiming squatters rights illegally. Don't let Judge Boyd do the sentencing though as she certainly is not in her right mind!

Pam in IL said...

Lovely gift from Shirlee! We've had over 9 inches of snow since Friday night and more on the way tonight and tomorrow.

I like your outlook -- spring is coming fast!

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