Dec 18, 2013

Nothing stays the same

Hello people.  The charts are mailed and Vanessa, please contact me soon so I can take care of this before the weekend.  If not, I will draw another number tomorrow (Thursday) night for book 58.   I was so surprised at the number of no-reply.  I tried to answer a few comments and all except one went no where! 
I found the jingle bells all neatly stored in a divided container so I finished the gift, but then decided to add some color with frayed homespun instead of the hemp wrap.  Then I changed my mind and put back the hemp, and decided that jute would look better.  I spent more time fiddling with changes than actually stitching.
On Random Thoughts (an appropriate name for my projects),
I stitched the bird with the 407 and 950 as called for and then removed all of it and used 434 and 436.  I like rusts and browns with blue, but now I may go back to the lighter shades.  Drives me nuts.  I'd like the motifs a little brighter but this bird looks too tropical.  Again, I waste more time with changes and decisions than stitching.
Then I took a tree stitched on 19 count linen that I decorated with buttons years ago (now removed), dipped it into a walnut dye and glued the rusty star to the top.  I never thought of decorating a fridge before, but I like it.  Today.  I just used shipping tape and then folded it over.  This was a nice old design that could be easily adapted to a theme or individual.  With the large weave you could tie ribbons, tiny ornaments, charms, anything lightweight. 

Kind of fun to stitch for a young girl and see how she changes it as she gets older.  My nephew's son told me the other day that the best gift he ever received was from me one Christmas.  I don't like buying toys because I've seen excitement followed months later by boredom and it is discarded.  So I got him a small metal lock box with his name engraved (found at an engraving studio) along with two keys.  He had two siblings that always "took his stuff" so this was private, only for him, and no one could get inside.  He still has it!  This year I bought his girlfriend's little boy a pair of miniature (but real) binoculars to check out the woods behind his grandpa's.  And a bank that keeps a running total of the change so you don't have to count all your nickels.  He'll probably frown as if they were underwear.  Found them both at Kohl's.  Love that store. 
Two cats and a tree.                                       Three cats and a tree.

What dirty little brats they are. That pad is so filthy after just one session. I had a heck of a time trying to put them outside. Would be easier if they would let me near!
Now I have to think about dinner. By the time I decide, it will be too late to eat.
Enjoy your day ~ thanks for visiting!



Mary said...

I love photos of "cat knots" I have had a lot ,I mean a lot of cats, only two ever sleep together. My two now may sleep at night on our bed one up high but the other is at the foot of the bed. I like the fridge tree.

Carolyn said...

LOVE the kitties in the chair (love the chair, too) and I LOVE your tree in the bucket. You have such an eye for decorating. :)

I love your fridge tree. What a great idea. After all, as much as we use that fridge, it should be decorated too, right? ;)

Evelyne said...

Love that tree on the fridge!
Lovely the cat string on your chair!!!!

Great week, Marly!!

Dede said...

Fridge tree is a great idea!
The lock box is a great idea too. Too late for this year but will maybe do that next year for the grand that bickering age and snooping too!

Jacqueline said...

The cats sleep together but won't let you near?

Glad you found your bells. LOL

Vickie said...

I think those are great gifts for the young man.
Is poor Squeaky outside?

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love your pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Love your cats! I grew up with cats (my mother was a crazy cat lady-perhaps the original) but because my kids were allergic we stuck to dogs and ducks. Though my kids are grown they still visit a lot or I would have a knot of cats on my chair too. Annie L

Carol said...

I love how you fiddle with color changes and always seem to come up with the right combination, Marly! Great idea to make the old stitched tree more "you," too...

That box for your nephew sounds like one my youngest son got from his aunt as a child. He loved it and still has it at age 25 :)

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Awwww... It is all so cozy and festive looking. Is that Squeaky??? probably not. Love the bucket idea and the fridge tree too.
Peace to all,

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Awwww... It is all so cozy and festive looking. Is that Squeaky??? probably not. Love the bucket idea and the fridge tree too.
Peace to all,

cl said...

I stitched that tree on a tee shirt years ago - I wish it still fit! but you have given me a great idea - If it didn't get put in the goodwill bag!

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Marly, sweet Kitty's in the nice wing chair, love the tree, so cute in the wood bucket.....I also like the tree on the fridge, beautiful, Blessings Francine.

Nicole May said...

Evening, I love the tree on the fridge, simple and pretty. I would most likely add a few cardnial charms myself.
Cute kitties too. Mine don't curl up together but they do all curl up around me wherever I am. Bed, couch, or stitching chair.

Sheri said...

I think you should get a litter box for the cats and them stay in :). I don't blame them for not wanting to go out in the cold.
Thanks for sharing your stitching and creative ideas.


Kathy L. said...

I remember that tree. I made it too. I remember mine was a pillow. Who knows where it went. I love hoe yours looks on the fridge.

Love the new sampler.


Karen said...

I love your tree! I've never decorated my ref. Love what you did.
Oh I think your son's friends son will enjoy his Christmas gifts, how could he not.

I looooove the cats on the chair and I know what you mean by the fur left from them...we have just one now but she makes a mess of her bed and I vacuum it about every 2 days.

Blessings and Merry Christmas


Catherine said...

Love all of your stitches! Aawww.....the kitties look so comfy!

Catherine said...

Love all of your stitches! Aawww.....the kitties look so comfy!

Barb said...

The little cats look so cozy! The tree on the refrigerator is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Your kindness to the cats is very touching.
It's very heartwarming to see them all snuggled together in the chair.
The tree in the wood bucket is so lovely. A beautiful vignette, as usual. It takes a deft hand to decorate with such spareness and such warmth. Mouse

Margaret said...

Love the stitching, love the cats. Dirty or not. lol! That's so sweet about your nephew's son and the box. Love that story.

Chris said...

Kitty pile!! lol
I love the way that you are always reworking pieces. That tree must make you smile every time that you open the fridge!!

C. M. Designs said...

Everything is beautiful Marly, especially the picture of the kitties and your tree. You have such compassion to let them in to sleep in that gorgeous chair.. Those are lucky kitties.
You've chosen thoughtful and memorable gifts for the "kids". Toys are forgotten after a while.
My "fridge" is always decorated but not with cross stitch.. You've given me an idea. Your tree is so nice.
Still thinking about Squeak.
Sending best wishes for Christmas.
Charlotte in Virginia

Heritage Hall said...

Ms Creativity-Imagination-Vision ~
the reason you slowly get around
to actually stitching (have to
prove that to me...just look at the volume of finishes)is because
your mind is always buzzing with ideas & envisioning possibilities.
How exciting to have such a gift.
Love the cozy corner with the
rascals and bucketed tree.
Stay warm ....

Hazel said...

Wonderful stitching and your home looks so cosy. Your cats are adorable. We are getting another cat today!!! SO excited. x

Pam in IL said...

Love seeing the tree on the fridge and the kitties in the chair. Hope you figured something out for dinner so you didn't starve.

Maggee said...

Do you even LIKE your cats?? We are having a warm weekend so I am going to rust some bells and pins, and maybe finish painting my pumpkins...better late than really late! Hugs!

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