Dec 26, 2013

Thank you!

Greetings to all.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and prayers.  I just got a call that she will be released today.  Tests showed no change in her heart and all other results were good.  She put out over 3 liters of fluid in 24 hours!   They feel that danger is over and will check into her aortic valve problems with follow ups.  Whew.  Thank you all again so much.  She's 75 and every scare adds another gray hair which will be quickly covered with dark brown #28.
She was fine at dinner here on Christmas Eve.  We had our traditional meal of smelts, pierogis, nalesniki filled with cottage cheese, cole slaw, spinach salad.  Christmas day was the turkey breast that was frozen twice and transferred from Thanksgiving.  We hadn't planned on hosting another dinner but the breast was thawed (second time) and a real monster so we ran over to Carole's house and picked it up along with the preparations, cooked all afternoon and had a traditional Thanksgiving meal. 
 I made an extra recipe of the nalesniki (crepes) for Mark's friend and they filled some with the cheese filling and the rest with jam.  The right temperature and pan and you can crank these beauties out in no time.  They freeze very well and can be filled and rolled with a variety of goodies.  So thin you can see through them.
I only made three cookies and this one used to take hours.  Now, I use Pepperidge Farms frozen puff pastry.  Slice into strips, roll to twice its length, wrap around the form, bake.  Easy!  The filling is only three ingredients, piped from a plastic bag with a tiny corner cut.  Did you ever have Barry's Bakery's French twists?  Frozen puff pastry, egg white wash, load with cinnamon sugar, cut, twist, bake, eat. 
This is the wrap I prefer, found at Walmart, because it stretches and clings great.  Their regular stuff doesn't but this "professional strength" works well.  And there's an added bonus.  I save the empty roll for wrapping linen pieces.  No folds.  These tubes are so sturdy and strong - no bending or caving ever.  I've never come across a tube this sturdy from other products.
So there you have it.  Waiting for the call that she is discharged and ready for pick up, relaxing the rest of the day.  That includes some stitching on Random Thoughts. 
Squeaky hasn't been here in a few days, and the others were afraid to come in for their evening snooze with company here.  Last night they did after everyone left, and as I picked up Missy at midnight to put her out, she drew blood again.  This time from my chin but it's minor and not noticeable.  It was not intentional, her legs were flailing trying to get away from me.  None of them have ever hissed at me to stay away, or deliberately grabbed me.   It's always been from an attempt to tame their wild little ways.  Except for Bud, not sure that will ever happen.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  For those suffering through a loss and experiencing great sadness, I hope there was a little glimmer of joy in memories.
Thank you again so so much for your prayers.  They were appreciated and answered.
Thank you for visiting!


Vickie said...

So very, very thankful to God for His care for your sister.
I hope Squeaky comes around soon.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Glad your sister is ok! Food looks great! Rolls for fabric - brilliant!

backporchcarver said...

So glad to hear everything is sounding positive with your sister.Boy, Christmas eve sounds so yummy at your place.

Sweet Sue said...

great news about your sis, wonderful! have fond memories of fried smelt as a child, nummy. our wing it holiday dinner for 2 was not about fancy but more about using up what was here, ham, sweet taters, fried cabbage/onions. will try that wrap too, hard to find a durable stretchy one, thx for tip:)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Glad to hear that everything is better, and that you got to spend time with family and friends. Look forward to sharing more in the Happy New Year! #28 LoL

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Very happy for you and your big Sis. My little Sister is 13 years younger than I putting me in your sister's age bracket and my Lil Suzy in your age bracket. As we got older we became closer.
Hope Squeaky is OK too. No pierogies for Christmas but we will have some for new years along with the ham.
We too are using more of the 'Walmart' brands finding them superior to some of those so called 'brand names'.
Have a Healthy, Safe and Happy New Year,

Jodi - usairdoll said...

Glad to hear your sister will be released today. Will say a prayer for her continued good health. Thanks for the tip of the wrap and tube, always looking for strong tubes to roll my projects onto.

Margaret said...

I'm so happy and relieved for you, Marly! Such good news!

Robin said...

What fabulous news to read this evening about your sister!

Robin in Virginia

Catherine said...

So good to read your news! Food all sounds yummy!

Barb said...

Such very good news! Sounds like you got a very good dinner together!

Cactusneedle said...

Great news re your sister. My mother had surgery for her congestive heart failure and lived to 92.

Lanie said...

That's wonderful news, Marly. Will say a prayer of thanksgiving and continue to pray for your sister's good health.

Happy New Year!

Pam in IL said...

I am happy to hear that your sister is doing better. I saw your post late the other day and have kept you all in my prayers.

Our family has lost a dear friend and his funeral was Christmas Eve so it's been rough for us.

I never would have thought to save the rolls from plastic wrap, but then I don't use enough of it to have empty rolls.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Good news, good food and good family and friends. It doesn't get any better!

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy to hear your sister is okay and discharged. Scary stuff.
Hugs :)

C. M. Designs said...

So glad to hear the good news about your sweet sister.. Am doing the happy dance for you and her.. Will keep her and you in my prayers.
The meal and treats that you describe sounds delish ! You must be a very good cook.
Thank you for the info about Walmart brand of wrap.. The other stuff is worthless as far as I'm concerned..
I know how it is when kitties don't want to be held. I got a scratch, myself, on Thursday.. She didn't mean it but it hurt just the same..
Best wishes from my home to yours for a blessed new year. Am soooo looking forward to visitng your blog in 2014. Take care and try to behave yourself. ;O)
Charlotte in Virginia

Chris said...

So glad that your sister is home.
It sounds like you still had a lovely celebration with a wonderful meal.

Sherry said...

I am so glad to hear the good news about your sister. So you use dark brown #28 too? LOL. Which brand?

Bertie said...

Happy news Marly!! Wishing you and your family a Healthy and happy 2014.

diamondc said...

I am so glad to hear your sister had no changes, your food menus sounds yummy.


Maggee said...

So glad to hear that your sister is going to be discharged (she probably is home by now!). Lots of food that I never heard of described here... made my tummy growl! Pierogies I heard of... Will look for that wrap next time I go to WM. I have been using paper towel rolls for my fabric for quite a while. Stronger will be nice! Hugs!

Anne said...

Oh Marly, I'm so glad that she is out of danger. I hope that she will be okay. Hmm, perogies and such...are you Ukrainian?! Oh that Squeaky refusing to be picked up.

Anne said...

Oh Marly, I'm so glad that she is out of danger. I hope that she will be okay. Hmm, perogies and such...are you Ukrainian?! Oh that Squeaky refusing to be picked up.

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