Dec 29, 2013

The Queen and I

Greetings!  Thank you once again for your concern about sis.  Her fib left, came back briefly, then left.  My mom had her dual chamber pacemaker "installed" during her fib which never stopped.  That chamber's lead wire never did get a chance to work!  My brother is plagued with this and has meds to control the episodes which usually work.  I have brief episodes and my sister's are lasting longer.  We're a fib family.  Fluid in the lungs and the inability to get enough air is terrifying, especially to a claustrophobic patient.  But it also brings back dad's panic and terror in the horrible two weeks he slowly suffocated because a pulmonary specialist didn't recognize a pulmonary embolism.  Enough. 
As you know, the Queen and I do not get along.  I've tried, believe me.  But she is stubborn and demanding and the two of us just can't make it work since I'm the exact opposite, regardless of what others say.  In this sampler, there are only a few queen stitches but I chose to make up my own. 

The square cross can't be substituted for the distinctive diamond shape so I just made an upright cross over two.  I tried that shape by overlapping threads but it was too thick and I kind of like the way this looks.  I've never come across a design that utilizes this stitch now that I'm thinking about it.   I have a Scarlet Letter project with a border completely done in queens I've been avoiding.  I guess this would work and go rather quickly.  Usually I try an eyelet stitch in a diamond but I didn't want to bother here.  Why?  Simple.  I don't like this sampler.  There.  I said it.  Be it the bird, the motifs with colors that didn't make sense (and I changed), or the entire piece.  I just don't like it.  It's finished and I will add some aging and ink for definition of the light threads, but I doubt if that will change my mind.

Mary Ann Hoover from Essamplaire was on Ebay tonight and with 30 seconds left it was $10.00.  YAY!!  I put my bid in and it wasn't even accepted because $45.55 was entered with a few seconds left.  Damn.  Isn't she a beauty?  Even though there are several areas of over one, I was smitten.  It's available as a kit with silk threads, but I never purchase kits.  Don't like working with silk and I prefer choosing my linen.  I will be browsing their site again after this.
Tonight I will think about the next project.  I decided to leave the other Santas for next year so I can have seasonal pieces to work on.  I could pretend I'm contemplating large sampler, small sampler, a small stuffed, but who would I be kidding?  It's usually what hits me in the final hour, or what I find on the floor under a piece of furniture.
I hope this final weekend of 2013 was enjoyable for you.  I'm not a big fan of New Year's Eve.  Never did party except for get togethers at a friend's house and don't do that anymore either.  It's just changing a number to remind us we are a year older.  Yes, I'm a stick in the mud, as they say.  My stick is heavy from Christmas cookies and the mud is getting deeper.
Stay safe - thanks for visiting!


C. M. Designs said...

I never did like New Year's Eve and I like it even less now. My Mom passed away at 11:30 New Year's Eve, 1994.
I hope you and your family will be well in the new year.. Please take care of yourself.
Enjoy cross stitching, decorating, antiquing, kitty watching, gardening and whatever else you enjoy in 2014.
Hugs and prayers,
Charlotte in Virginia

Margaret said...

Reading about your parents makes my heart ache for you. So sad. I love Mary Ann Hoover too and would like to get her someday too. She is beautiful. Happy 2014. Health and happiness to you and your family.

Carol said...

I've been not reading blogs since before Christmas with my gang all here, but now all have left except one... I'm so sorry to read that your sister is having more heart problems, Marly--how scary that it runs in your family. I just talked to my own mom tonight and am worried about her heart health as she had a severe heart attack in the late 90s...She just didn't sound right. It's so hard when I'm 5 hours away...

I've never even attempted a rice stitch! So sorry you didn't win the auction--that is one stunning sampler.

I'm another who is not a big fan of New Year's Eve--we rarely even stay up till midnight! I do hope 2014 is a good year for you--take care now!

Faye said...

I'm right there with ya on the celebrations and hoop~la at New Years Eve.... The most we will do is see the ball drop...if that. I think your substituted star stitch is a great replacement to the Queen... Oh, btw, I just planted the last stitch in your latest freebie.... Love... Now, to decide how to finish the finish..... Hmmmm, I'll let you know~

butterfly said...

Have faith Marly.
Your family are still in my prayers.
Love Mary Ann Hoover too.
I get very upset at New years Eve , but always like to start the New Year and to see what life throws at us , and how we can make our world a better place.
Lets hope it's a good one.

Shirlee said...

I of course am very familiar with a-fib, & my brother has it & my dad had it also. I hope the doctors will figure something out to help your sister. New Year's Eve has never been a big deal with us. If we are actually awake at midnight (an extremely rare occurrence) we give each other a kiss & wish each other a happy new year & that's the extent of it. Sometime during the day, however, We do enjoy talking about our hopes for the new year.

Sherry said...

I don't remember ever making a big deal out of New Year's Eve except when I was a child and just wanted my folks to let me stay up later! Love Mary Ann Hoover and will be anxious to see if you decide to stitch her. Take care of yourself. Heart health is such a delicate thing and so very important!

Vickie said...

Happy New Year to you Marly from a fellow stick. We do nothing for New Year's. I am praying for your sister.

Cathy B said...

I'm a stick in the mud too - prefer to be stuck in my stitching chair. That's how I will ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Colleen said...

First of all, I just want to say I LOVE your blog so much! I look forward to seeing it pop up in my email every morning :)

I can't imagine how scary it must be not to be able to take a breath. I've been keeping her in my prayers.

I've also had samplers that I just couldn't wait to order and get stitching on only to discover..."what was I thinking??". I'm not like you (determined to finish) and they end up in the WIP pile :( I don't like kits either. I have a hard time determining what colors are which when they are so close in value.

No party-er here either. Never did like it. Will probably go to bed at my usual 11:30. Who cares...right? LOL

Catherine said...

Will be a quiet New Year's celebration that sampler!

Chris said...

I hope that your sister improves and doesn't have any more episodes. I am sending good health wishes for you and your family in 2014!!
That is a beautiful sampler. I totally understand about the queen :)

Simply Victoria said...

I am just catching up on my blog reading from a good week or more ago. I will be praying that your sister's heart will maintain an even beat.

Maggee said...

I'm so behind in reading blogs, I can barely REMEMBER New Year's Eve! ha! I will continue to pray for your sister's health to improve. Good luck on that sampler. I know what you mean about Ebay and bidding. Surprise!

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