Jan 3, 2014

A dizzy broad

  Hello to you.  If you're waiting for an email reply, I'm a little behind.  I lost my equilibrium which happens every so often, but am fine today.  Gives new meaning to As the World Turns.  I would rather experience pain than be dizzy.  Antivert knocks me out but really helps.  So here I am.  With another decision! 
First off, look what I got from  Michelle at Fanatics's!  Remember my gourd spoons and bowl?  Well looky here.  Don't you love this gourd vase?  I do.  Lots.  Thanks to Michelle for such wonderful and personal customer service.
While I was playing with it, I was holding Random in my hand, ready to take it upstairs to my sewing room.  (I was afraid it would be accidentally packed away with the Christmas stitchery.)  As I stood admiring my vase, I was sort of wringing and rolling the folded sampler, set it down to adjust the berries in the vase and voilà!   Instant decision!
This will make a fabulous drum pinkeep!  Never attempted one before so I will be searching online for tips.  It will be 5 1/2" tall and 3" across.  Perfect!  NOW I like this design and think it's fabulous for this type of finish.   Strange how it came about, but I actually made two decisions in two days so this year is off to a great start.  Well... not in everything.  But missing two days of exercise in the year still isn't bad.
Thank you for still being concerned about Carole (sis), and she is still doing fine.  Sodium intake drastically reduced, her water intake is limited to 32 oz per day, she has lost almost 10# in one week.  She got her car back, but once again the luge track driveway is glimmering with ice.  We got hammered with snow again.  Regarding her A-fib, I received an email from Steve Ryan directing me to their site with loads of answers and information about this condition.  How nice of him!  If anyone is interested you can click here to go directly to the site.  As for my young cousin who has entered a nursing home, she is waiting to go home.  It's not going to happen and we are still stunned and sick about it. 
I started Two Horses and am not happy with it.  The single thread over two on 35 count doesn't have the coverage of two threads on a lower count.  I changed the horse color from 938 to 3031 and can't distinguish the mane and tail color from the body.  Not sure what I will do.
Until then, have a wonderful snow free day!
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backporchcarver said...

Wow, your stitchery sure picks up the colours in the gourd perfectly!Love them together.So I guess for all the hassle you went through with the "bird" it was well worth it.

Barb said...

What a great idea with the gourds!! I have the same problem with coverage in 35 or 36 count. It is too small for two threads but one looks a little sparse. I have pretty much settled on 32 so I can use two threads. Thanks for the info on afib. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I agree, being a bit dizzy is miserable. I have not had it for a few years but it used to happen quite a bit.

Vickie said...

HA! HA I say! We have not been snow free for many weeks. blech.
Have fun with the horsies. I can't wait to see them. I am having fun with poodles. tee hee! I am supposed to be stitching on the big 'ol project. shh!

Shirlee said...

I really like that vase! I'm sorry about your young cousin. Will pray for her & continue to keep your sister in my prayers. Thanks for the a-fib link ... I'll check it out. I started a piece on NYD using 36 ct & 2 threads. The stitches looked so fat & squished that I took some bits of advice & started again using 1 strand. I think it covers just fine.

Chris said...

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts. I think that the pinkeep will be a perfect finish for that too. Stay inside an stitch today! Too cold to go anywhere!

Sherry said...

Love the gourd and the stitchery for the drum keep! Great idea. I tend to get those dizzy moments more often now that I am adding years to my age. Not fun especially when it happens out in public! Take care.

Judy said...

I love the gourd vase....but the stitched piece--soon to be a drum pinkeep--completes it perfectly! Will look forward to seeing your completed pinkeep. Stay warm!

Judy heartland stitcher

Margaret said...

I love the idea of making your piece into a drumkeep. It will be so pretty! It's funny -- I like sparse coverage. When I work on 32ct on those rare occasions, I use one thread if I can get away with it. lol! Glad to hear your sister is doing ok. I hate vertigo. I get that sometimes as well. It's the pits.

Pam in IL said...

Good news about your sister and I'm happy to hear that she's doing better. Sad about your cousin and I pray that she will adjust to the nursing home.

A drum out of that stitchery will be perfect. I'm sure you'll be able to find instructions.

Glad to hear you're feeling better too.

Steve Ryan said...

Thank you for mentioning our non-profit patient education website at www.A-Fib.com. I hope you visited and found useful information as well as encouragement and hope. There are over 60 patient stories about dealing with their Atrial Fibrillation. Remember: Don't settle for a life on meds! A-Fib can be Cured!
Steve and Patti Ryan
Publishers of A-Fib.com and 'Beat Your A-Fib: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Cure' by Steve S. Ryan, PhD

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