Jan 18, 2014

If you like the box.....

you can win the box.  Period. 
You can trust me. 
Since this was such an easy fit for a label, and I think most of you liked this design, I decided this would be the offer for reaching 800 followers.  Although it looks like linen, it's not.  This is a paper stock label - a print of the piece I just completed - not the actual stitched piece.  The little box on top is mine, not part of the offer.  The box is 6" high and 6" round paper mache.  If you prefer the smaller 4" oval - it's your choice.

 Leave your name on this post only and Random.org will draw a winner on Thursday 1/23 at 8 pm EST or later if I forget.  I'm not putting it on a separate page because I won't be posting again until then.  The paint cans are calling my name.
Thanks for visiting!!
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