Jan 26, 2014

Portrait of a slub

Hello people.  Another day of bad coffee.  But I'm safe inside and fortunate to have heat so I will enjoy that bad cup and be grateful.
Got a few emails regarding the last post and I was surprised to read that many of you try to slay the slub also.  I don't feel so alone now.  Thanks!  For those of you asking what a linen slub is, here you go.
This one I would definitely try to remove and if I fail, this coarse linen is very easy to weave in a replacement thread.  The needle needs to be large enough for the eye to take the linen strand so I always keep a 22 or 24 handy. The other piece is loaded with them in all directions, throughout the entire half yard. Most of these I would leave and only try to reduce the bad ones. I use a needle and gently pick up a little fuzz at a time, then grab tweezers to remove it. Most are left alone.

So far....

I think this horse area with the two largest flowers will be the most difficult part to chart.  Well, I should be truthful.  Trying to chart from a blurry photo is a crap shoot.  I hope the rest goes quick and easy, and with smaller less detailed flowers, that should be the case.  I'll start stitching this to check for color and then move on to the top portion.  Sorry I printed across it but I received an email that a few of my freebies are being sold and two have minor changes.  Play nice!  You don't want me coming to your playground.  Trust me.

For Karen (you're no-reply), the center sampler is an old Sheepish Antiques of Salina Dunwoody.  Check with Em-Li's since she owns Sheepish Designs now.  I think.

Thanks for reminding me about O'Keefe's.  My sister found it at Walmart so I will check next time I'm there.  Must be inventory month because most of the stores are bare of many products.  I've used Miracle Hand Repair and love it but it doesn't heal cracks.
That's all.  Still snowing.  Frigid temps coming again this week.  Maybe I'll venture out into the cold when the roads are clear and the snow has stopped.  May?  June?
Enjoy your day and your favorite drink.
If you see a helpless abandoned pet, please give it shelter or take it to one.
Thanks for visiting!

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