Jan 14, 2014

Stitching update

Hello people!  Two Horses is now two horses.
I mentioned that I was not pleased with the coverage using one thread on this 35 count, but something else wasn't right.  The other areas were covered just fine which didn't make sense.  It seemed inconsistent.  I now know why.
Take a look at the upper leg area.  This leg was done with one strand.  The same strand.  And look at the color!  Some areas of the first horse look reddish and others really dark yet I was using the same skein.  Well here's where the reddish came from. Can you believe this?  I have two skeins of 3031, each different, and two of 3799, each different.  They aren't from my old stash either.  I'm really getting tired of having to keep only one skein of each color in my floss bags because of their inconsistency and now I can't count on a single strand being the same throughout.  I like variegated floss but not when I expect a solid color or when it's hit and miss.  I understand that dye lots are hard to be exact, but it's getting to the point where I'm losing faith in DMC.  Also notice that there are some stitches in the horse's rear that have a thicker strand.  So I guess it wasn't my imagination.  And it wasn't my fault which is the good news.  It's not going to matter since this is a really primitive looking piece, but someone doing a fine sampler would be upset.  When working two strands as I've always done, these discrepancies wouldn't be seen so I have to wonder if this is isolated or just not noticed before.  Could also be because I used the sewing method on the leg instead of completing the full stitch, which is why it caught my eye.
That's my bitch for today.
Here's my husband's bitch - remember all the trim board painting and waiting for Ed to install?  He called.  He can be here tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I'm already tired of the color.  My husband claims I've been looking at these boards for two months - why change them now!  Because I've been looking at these boards for two months, that's why. So another trip to the paint department and I need to repaint all the crown moulding when I get back.  I certainly don't want to paint it after it's nailed especially since the drywall is freshly painted.  Touching up the nail patches is all I'll have to do.  And of course, the baseboard, and doorway trim.  And the doors.  Two windows.  Question is, how long will I be happy with the new color?   And I thought I was doing really good with decisions in 2014.  Technically, this IS a decision.  I decided I don't like the color.  So there.
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