Feb 16, 2014


Hiya.  How are ya? Got snow?  I just came back from the market and some side streets are just inches of ice.  Warm up is forecasted for mid week.  Yeah right.
While checking my linens for fold marks, I came across the sage Jobelan that I used to use for ornaments.  If I ever saw a fold line in this blend, it would easily wash out or disappear when mounted for framing or fused with interfacing.   Since I am only interested in samplers and santas (really?) on linen, I planned on selling these pieces.  Guess what?  I washed them and some folds are still there, not that bad, and not a problem if stretching for framing.  No color fade as with linen and not an actual crease, but there nonetheless. 
Now I'm wondering if the Jobelan I offered was a problem for the recipients.  It is certainly usable between the folds or if you plan on mounting but I'm not comfortable selling it.  They are larger pieces (32 count ~ 18x28 ... 28 count ~ 18x54, 26x35 ... and 20? 25? brown? 18x27) and if someone wants them for postage, they can have them all.  They weigh a pound so Priority envelope would be $5.50.   Edited - didn't expect them to go that fast, but they're gone.  There is plenty of fabric for smaller projects and dozens of ornaments. I received an email from Paraclete Designs letting me know that they will take unwanted stitchery items for teaching and I already have a small package for her since the reformatory never replied. If you are interested you can contact Charlene here.  
And this beauty is from Amy Mitten.  This is her Ann Wade sampler wallet tutorial and you can see the inside and information on it here.  Is this gorgeous or what??  The photo is from her website.  Ann is stitching it and will share with us when completed.
When I notified Parsley that Random chose her, I was saddened to learn that she had just put down one of her much loved dogs.  We all know that pain.
Still cussing at the ponies, and after seeing a few new sampler releases, Eliza may be dethroned.  This is Pineberry Lane's new Elizabeth Smith.
Ever since I mentioned that Zilla brand would be better for strawberries, I can't stop thinking about two recipes.  One is for a jello with the frozen berries and tiny cream cheese balls that are rolled in chopped nuts.  The other is a punch recipe that I could drink by the gallon, which led me to search for the recipe, and I found Orange Julius.  Love that stuff.  And right there next to it was the home made super rich eggnog, Amaretto cakes, Italian love cake, bobalki  .......  this is not good. I posted both drinks on the recipe blog here
Enjoy what's left of your weekend.
Thanks for visiting.


Beauty Bonnet said...

Hi Marly,
Hope the weather isn't getting you down..I'd love some of that Jobelan to stitch with!
In 32 ct if it's still available?

Missy said...

Love to have whatever you have left. Email me at misseara1@yahoo.com on how to pay and I'll give you my address. Thanks! Missy

Melissa said...

Ooooh, I love the new Pineberry Lane releases. The one you are showing is lovely. Are you planning on stitching that Amy Mitten pocket - it's gorgeous!

Kathy said...

You are such an enabler!! The Amy Mitten sampler wallet is gorgeous and now the very expensive online tutorial is tempting me. Maybe this could be my reward for enduring the winter that won't quit!

Robin said...

Hmmm...looking forward to seeing your needle and thread go to work on Pineberry Lane's Elizabeth Smith. Glad you had takers for your fabric!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Margaret said...

Beautiful pieces you are showing. I resisted that Amy Mitten piece, but I succumbed to a couple of the pockets from Scarlet Letter. I want to make some!

Colleen said...

I read your blog regularly, and learn so much. I'm working on going over all my fabric and storing it in rolls to keep the dreaded folds away. I had one piece that I just couldn't stretch enough when I mounted it to get rid of a fold that went down the middle. I'm sure I'm the only one that would notice it, but still! I am ironing every piece and rolling it. If it has folds I soak it for a bit in a solution of mild detergent, rinse it and roll it up in a towel to dry out a bit, just as we used to wash sweaters. I then iron while damp - so far so good. I've lost a bit of colour off a few older pieces, but the folds are gone.
Thanks again for your blog.

Chris said...

It is supposed to be 70 here on Wednesday...crazy!
New tempting samplers... I love seeing all the new designs this time of year!!

Annmarie said...

I feel so lucky to have found your site some time ago and look forward to each entry. I am happy to share the Amy Mitten wallet and am close to completing the stitching (YEAH)-the finishing will take a little time since I am a SLOW stitcher and working on other projects too. The instructions are wonderful and the wallet finish unique...and since it is based on a sampler - love it.
Thanks Marly for sharing so much with us.

Heritage Hall said...

The Ann Wade wallet is gorgeous
and many thanks for the walnut
filling source. You are so
creative and generous. WARM
blessings ~

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