Feb 5, 2014

Rolling and drumming

Greetings!  Lots of computer issues and memory lapses for passwords had me throwing things for a few days.  Still having a few problems and haven't been online much.
Since the post on linen folds, I decided to check my inventory.  A few readers commented about using skirt hangers for their finished pieces until framing, and I really like that idea for even linen stash.  So I unrolled my yardage but because I prefer the stiffer linen, they just weren't cooperating.   You don't have to have a paper tube for larger pieces, so I decided to get all of the pieces out of plastic bags, check them for marks, and roll.  Usually it's the hand dyed or colored linens that fade on the folds, but this time I found an unbleached piece of 35 count with the mark.  So the first photo is before, and the second after I VERY GENTLY and randomly used the archival ink.  It's not a match but close enough and it breaks up the line.

When I unrolled an older yard of unbleached, I found so many thread breaks I couldn't believe it.
 And the mother of all slubs.
So I rolled and rolled and rolled and I'm still rolling.
  Remember my free sampler bag chart? I couldn't stand it - had to try another drum. So here is the tiny 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" little bugger.
So cute!  I used the Mylar inside because it was hard to keep the shape when sewing on the top and bottom.

I sewed muslin strips first, then the side seam, used wool felt, and this is weird - a very flimsy little plastic bag inside to hold the walnut shells.
 I'm still ridding excess from my sewing and craft room.  And I have to do a little rant here.  I contacted the Women's Reformatory about donating stitching supplies, AWARE about dozens of new bras, nightgowns, books and exercise videos, two charities about new craft supplies, and no replies or return calls.  I'm so sick of people not doing their jobs and no one seems to care.  We went to Goodwill with new bags of fiberfill, quilt sized fleece, natural cotton fleece, and other craft items and were turned away because someone had brought in a fiberfill item loaded with bugs.  I didn't ask what kind, but they infested the store so stuffed items are no longer allowed.  Pulling out of that plaza, we saw an Amish man working for a contractor and stopped, offered, gone!  Took everything so I hope some young girls are practicing on my old stash.
Several more drawers to roll and cupboards to purge.
Stay safe (I refuse to mention this white crap again).
Thanks for visiting!!


Margaret said...

Love the drum -- love the little strawberry too! Great stuff! Hope you have your power -- I read a whole lot of people in PA have lost theirs. My DD lost hers in NJ too. Bleagh!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, , love the drum and sweet strawberry......hope the power stays on, Keep Warm,,Francine.

Loraine said...

Oh your little drum is too cute! You are so darn creative!
Isn't that ridiculous that you can't take things to Goodwill? Our local charity (Deseret Industries) is getting to be the same way. I am glad you found an Amish man to give your old stash too. It feels great to de-stash!
Have a great day.

Barb said...

I love the little drum. What a pain Goodwill was !!!!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Great job with the crease! Brilliant! Love love love the little drum! We got about a foot of the dread white crap - ugh!

Carmen Sutton said...

I can beat you with a goodwill story. We pull up to the goodwill trailer at the dump with a metal folding step stool and a plastic christmas tree stand in the back of the truck, it is raining ligthly i jump out run them up to the guy working only for him to say they dont take wet items. The bin for construction was right there and that is where one job for goodwill now resides.

Chris said...

Fabulous little drum finish. You are so good, cleaning out, donating and organizing. I need to do some of that. Are the brats helping?

mariateresa said...

I love this drum!
Have a nice day

C. M. Designs said...

Your little drum is precious. Another piece of your creative talent to enjoy. I know your home is filled with memories of how and why you stitched certain beauties.
Wishing "hot" weather for you in the near future. ;o) I was told, by a Massachusetts resident, that some roads are closed in Pa. Not good !

C. M. Designs said...

Your new little drum is precious. I know your home is filled with beautiful work and the memories of how and why you stitched each and every one.
I'm wishing for "hot" weather for you in the not to distant future. ;o)
I've heard that some roads are closed in PA due to snow. Not good !
Be warm and cozy.
Charlotte in Virginia

C. M. Designs said...

Sorry for the duplicate. Something to do with Google.

Sandra Sullivan said...

Remember my little Rounds 'A Plenty for Christmas and Halloween? Working on Easter now and wondering if the mylar would help with them. They are so little. Also, will someplace like Michaels or A.C. Moore have Archival ink. Have many fold lines in similar linens. Thanks for your help. Love all your creations as usual.

Vickie said...

Another sweet drum. Is the women's shelter far from you? I would just show up with the clothes and stitching stuff. We know they need it. Sad that someone won't take a few moments to return a call.

Pam in IL said...

Love the darling little drum!

I'm tired of the white crap too!

butterfly said...

Love the small drum, Your having snow and we are having rain and floods , stay warm.

vivian said...

love your drums, gotta try this also...they turned out beautiful.
keep on....keep on.
BTW - I'm in Atlantic Canada and brrr....brrr.....brrr

Penny Shepherd said...

Love, love your little drum. Oh and they wonder why folks stop donating. Really? You have nothing or not much but you will turn away things. Crazy. I am sure the stash made some Amish ladies very happy!

ladyjane22 said...

I love the drum. Now that has me thinking about how a few of my stitched items would look great finished that way. Also like the idea of the archival ink. Now to find out where to buy it. I have some folds that need to be taken care of.

Meriden Mewsings said...

Hi! How clever you are Marly. I never would have thought of using ink on fade lines. I have a few pieces with them also. Your drums make me want to try one. So many projects, so little time - sigh .... Archival ink can be found a Michael, AC Moore, Joanne's, scrapbooking stores, art supply stores. It is fairly readily available. Thanks for your ideas.

Evelyne said...

Hi Marly, this little drum is also very lovely!
Stay warm!

Kellie from Indiana said...

Marly, you would not believe how Goodwill up here turns their noses up at things. We went to one whose prices were higher than all of the others we've ever been to, my husband asked why and the clerk said because our stuff is better. We looked at each other and then back at her and he said, but you have all the same stuff. I go there to buy stuff to tear apart for crafts and I would have gladly used your donation. We're "poor" at the moment and I would have been grateful. They don't realize that one person can just swoop in and buy their stock so they shouldnt pass on donations because someone like me may walk in and think its Christmas and not have to pay an arm and a leg to do what they love when they cant afford it anymore.

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