Mar 25, 2014

For the second time..

Lydia Hinckley!  And I wouldn't even mind stitching her for a third time.  I will remove her partner Frances from the mount board and sew them both for hanging.  I don't want a lot of color on the back so I'm using two different neutrals and will age the linen a little before sewing.
It's so hard to find fabrics that I like locally.  I do have three quilt shops within a half hour but only one carries Moda (limited choices) and I seem to like their designers best.  Most of the fabrics I see are for quilts (guess that's why they are called quilt shops)- bright, floral, colorful.  I like muted, simple, and drab.  I have to go for scans Thursday and Friday may be another golf day for husband so the web will be my shopping guide.  No I don't like to drive any distance by myself because 1. I am directionally challenged and couldn't find my way off a one way street, and 2. I'm a white knuckle driver waiting for another old fart to smack me.  Yes I have a GPS but that bitch has an attitude and we don't get along.
All your purchases were mailed yesterday and I thank you.  I hope you like them!  Here's a few things I learned yesterday. 
1.  Never sell ALL your inventory - keep a spare in case of a finishing accident.
2.  When waxing the finished product, remember that it can get slippery.
3.  Never wax an item over a sink with water filled dishes.
4.  Put the dirty dishes where they belong - in the dishwasher.
I'll be 63 in a few months and still learn something every day.  We went to the Social Security office and my husband signed up for benefits.  He'll be 66 in July and this visit really drove home that we are "seniors". Without pensions, it will be a change. The majority of our friends and neighbors are retired teachers with 100% salary for pensions (all over $68,000 a year PLUS full social security), and they still complain even though they are making much more in retirement than when working. ?????  He's still not sure when he will leave the job, no earlier than July, but maybe not until January.  I guess it will depend on how the fish are biting.
The sun is shining and temps in the 50's are coming my way for the weekend (after a snow dusting this afternoon).  My CA cousin is in rehab for a few more weeks after her six bypasses and I thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.  The surgeon is amazed, never thought she would make it through the surgery.  My MN cousin in the nursing home doesn't understand the concept of a gift, and the beautiful pink journal and card weren't received with joy as I had hoped.  So sad.  So quick.  A vibrant, world traveling, honored teacher, can no longer understand the world in her early 60's.   Embrace each day, learn something new, be grateful for your thoughts.
Stay safe - thanks for visiting.
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