Mar 6, 2014

When it rains...

at least it's not snowing.  Hello people.  Hope you're all doing well.  I had to ask Mark to hide the matches, just in case a hissy fit consumes me during this stitch. It has taken me three nights to remove that center wiggly leaf, even though it was not fully stitched.  I'm ready to start it over and have been stitching some of the light outlines for a break.  What a difference they make.  And since the 500's are gone, the entire piece looks better.  The right side flower change in size is much better and although I still love this, I am so tired of working on it.  I know if I stop for a short time it will turn into years.  That's just how I stitch.  One at a time, and never look back.  I guess thinking about other issues doesn't help with concentration and that's necessary when trying to recreate from a blurry photo. 
The recent sudden death of my cousin's husband was bad enough, but I got a call this evening from Cheryl, his widow.  Cheryl's sister Marcie is the cousin I posted about that had the massive stroke and they are very close.  I held a giveaway when she was finally released from a nursing home and returned to her family. As soon as I heard Cheryl's tone I knew something was wrong.  Marcie had a massive heart attack shortly after the reception following the funeral.  Here's the strange thing.  Her toe had been bothering her and it began hurting so bad that she had her daughter transport her to the hospital after the dinner.  As they left the ER, she vomited, slumped, and was making a gurgling sound.  Still in her wheelchair, her daughter turned it around and pushed her back into the ER.  She had six bypasses done that night and would never have survived if she was not at the hospital for her toe at that exact time.  Is that strange?  Has Cheryl's husband become Marcie's angel and made sure she was there?  Cheryl said if her sister died the day of her husband's funeral, she would have to be buried too.  Marcie is talking and coherent, the docs are amazed, and if no infection or clot develops, she will go home in 10 days.  And here, my brother's lungs are not responding to treatment and he had more tests done today.  My sister is still out of breath but no worse, and doing fairly well. So there's more on my mind than usual, just like many of you that have family concerns.
I haven't had the time to look for a new computer, and I am receiving four of every email, many sent to junk folders but aren't, and the spam from this blog is overwhelming.  So I am closing comments for a while to see if it stops, but you can still email.
I'm sorry for not keeping up with everyone but my attention and focus is elsewhere.  I can't tell you how many bags of Dove's dark almond have been inhaled consumed this week.  I had to buy jeans in a larger size.  Not good.  Even with the larger size, there is no room for the stocking I need to wear after more leg surgeries in two weeks. 
So I'll be back in a few days with I HOPE the finish.  I have a few ideas for finishing and may need your help in deciding.  And in answer to some emails, yes, I will be offering the journals soon.    Until then, stay safe ~ thanks for listening.
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