Apr 20, 2014

Easter candy or lack thereof

Where is it?  What are these gifts?  Hats for the baby, puzzles for 5 the year old, jewelry for the 75 year old (sister), spices for the 70 year old (brother), money for the 20 somethings, golf bag for the 43 year old.  Where's the chocolate?  I'm not sure if color or chocolate is my nemesis, but they can both bring me down.  If I walked in to my two local chocolatiers (Philadelphia and Daffins), I would be in a glucose coma by the time I arrived home.  It's that bad.  I feel like an addict and need to stop.  There is no way Easter candy would have made it to the intended recipients.  I've tried hiding chocolate in the basement corner where spiders lurk, the freezer, the garage, attic way, my husband's car, thinking I can just take two a day from these inconvenient spots.  No.  I have to stop buying it completely and go through the withdrawal.

In the years before Mom came here, my spring cleaning would have been over by Easter.  What happened?  My entire life changed and even after she passed, I never got back into my prior routines.  When I heard that sis's friend is having a large sale at her church, I thought it would be a good time to start ridding.   A set of three spongeware patterned bowls, stuffed angels, new sweaters, pip berry garlands, stitched Santa pillows, and more to come.   These two patriotic sweaters were never worn and my husband is not a sweater guy, but he bought them because of the theme.
Made in the USA and the name of my last sampler!  Yes, these were bought years ago.  The Hilfiger is Pakistan.
And speaking of Liberty, she is finished and I'll show her tomorrow.  Guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning?  Meeting with Dominic.  His stepdaughter ripped out her entire kitchen even though he told her to wait until he was done with orders, which meant that she got her way and he had to drop everything to do it now.  Good.  I have a little change.  I should not have gone back to Phoebe Troyer's pins of her current home, but her style is exactly what I love.  Simplistic.  Stark with warmth.  Lighter paint colors.  It looks easy, but it takes a special talent to decorate like this.  I try to stay away from too many ideas/photos on that damn site, but I've been following her for some time. 
Geez.  Lots of yakking about nothing on Easter morning when I have a dinner to prepare.  Most will be done here with finishing at my sister's since my house is a mess.  It's going to be a warm and perfect day.  I hope yours is also.
Happy Easter!!


Robin said...

Looking forward to seeing your Liberty finish, Marly! Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.

Robin in Virginia

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy, happy Easter. Enjoy your day.
Hugs :)

C. M. Designs said...

Happy Easter, happy spring, happy, happy everything !
Enjoy the nice warm day. The kitties sure look comfy. Don't know what to tell you about your love of chocolate. Get Dominic to fix a hiding place for chocolate that you can't get into ?
Blessings to you and your family.
Charlotte in Virginia

cucki said...

Happy Easter dear..
Sweet smiles..
Hugs x

Heritage Hall said...

A very blessed Easter to you and yours Marly. Wish that Church were around the corner...I'd be
game. Great items. Today is the day you can excusably indulge your weakness for that meltable,
comforting, brown blend, or what's
a chocolate bunny for?
Be happy, venture forth ~

Sandy Whitlow said...

Happy Easter, Marly! Enjoy your day!

Primitive Stars said...

Easter Blessings Marly, enjoy the day, Francine.

Jacquie Morris said...

Smiles and Happy Easter :)

Evelyne said...

Happy Easter for you Marly!

Vickie said...

Marly, all joking aside, I too am addicted to chocolate. I mean I LOVE it and eat it daily. Dark, like you. I gave it up for Lent and did not cheat once. I will tell you giving it up for God is what gets me through. Otherwise I am a wimp. I will tell the truth. I did not miss it after a few weeks. FOR REAL. I have done this for more than one year too. Makes me sad that I don't just stay away from it for good. I believe you and I could do that. Truly.

Penny said...

Happy Easter to you and your's, Marly!! So far today I've only consumed two Reese Cup eggs, but then again, I'm not feeling great and have a terrible cold. I'm sure I'll make up for it later..... ;)

donnacrafts said...

Happy Easter!! Phoebe's decorating is my style too. Notice, there is no clutter, just a few choice items that are the focal point in the home. Very peaceful, very beautiful..

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Happy Easter to you too Marly!

Chris said...

I can't have chocolate in the house either...If it is there I have to eat it... I love the milk chocolate Hershey eggs...they sit on the roof of your mouth so nicely.
Love the cat pic.
So good that you are going through and getting rid of things..I need to do more of this.

Shirlee said...

No chocolate for me either Marly : ( But my husband pretended to be the Easter bunny on Easter & came hopping out of the bedroom with the laundry basket, saying "Here's your basket!" Sigh! Love those sweaters!

Kay said...

I love having a good clear out and find it quite theraputic to take things off to the charity shop. I have a chocolate problem too and my husband bought me candles this year instead because I have been on chocolate overload recently..

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