Apr 29, 2014

Knots - stitching & stomach

Good morning.  I'm in the middle of a dark and windy rainstorm, trying to catch up on blogs.  The cats came in to eat like they were shot out of a cannon.  Well they're finished, and I can't get them back out. Under the hutch, the chair, anywhere to hide.  Now I'm stuck at home until they're out.  I just came from Carol's Stitching Dreams blog and she mentioned colonial knots with a link to an instructional video.  You can't beat Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread for detailed videos on almost any stitch.  I couldn't remember the difference between Colonial and French knots and wondered which of those are my method.  French.  I've never had a problem but will give the Colonial a try.  Mary's photos of her work using both methods makes me want to knot all day.  Love the look. 
The Colonial knot video is here 
and the French is here
Both photos are from her site.
Oh boy.  I just heard the rush seat chair fall.  The boys are roughhousing again.  When I visited Agway for squirrel corn yesterday, the handsome orange tabby with the wide face, so calm and sweet, was still living in the small cage.  No one has adopted any of the adults for a long time.  This tabby is such a handsome well mannered gentlemen.  I spend as much time as I can trying to stroke them through the cages.
If you're sick of reading about the damn cabinets, go away now.
As for the cupboards, they are well constructed, but there are a few problems.  I helped him carry them in and immediately saw the leg (bracket - whatever) problem.  He rabbeted in another piece of 7/8" thick wood - I don't know why.  He's never seen this style and I guess he didn't look closely at the drawings.  I can't even add vertical 3/4" slats to fill that area because his wood is thick and it should certainly not be down to the leg bottom.  So we will try to carefully cut it off, but I seriously doubt it will end up straight and smooth.  I am not having him transport these large pieces in his open bed truck again with three days of rain scheduled.  If we fail, we will cut the legs off. 
The drawing specifically stated a fixed shelf in the middle of the two smaller cabinets on the end.  There is none. The center stile on which the 18" doors close, is missing on both pieces.  My heart really sank when I saw this.  He said the doors are butt doors.  NO THEY ARE NOT!!!!  There is no center overlay on any of them and the center stile is on the drawing.  I got out the tape and measured, realized the opening was too large for the doors and he had forgot to install the stile.  Whew.  They can be added.  Now for the final disappointment. 
 His method is to recess the back in 3/8" instead of flush, and adding this 3/4" blocking to the bottom shelf in addition to the thickness of the plywood back = my dishes don't fit.  I can use a higher shelf but I've always stored them on the bottom.  Even then, they just fit because my doors are partially inset.  So. I'm not as upset as I should be because I've been disgusted for so long.  Having to reach up to get my dishes is the thing that bothers me most.   The heaviest and largest items should be on the fixed bottom shelf, not above.  Whatever.  I'm done.  The next time you see them they will be painted and on the wall, and the kitchen changes will end there.  I can't do this any longer.
If you made it this far, thanks for listening to me whine.  I wonder if my husband prefers that over shouting.  Dare I ask?
Enjoy your day! 


backporchcarver said...

I am so sorry yor kitchen cabinets turned into such a heart ache. How dissapointing for you. It is something we plan and dream about so to have them go so wrong is just plain sad.

moosecraft said...

I'd probably adopt that tabby if I lived closer... in fact, I was discussing with hubby last night that a cat would be nice, but not a kitten because we don't want our house trashed (too much energy and unsure of personality). We figured an older cat would be easier to figure their personality before bringing them home... so we may be going to the local shelter soon... :-)

Mary said...

I have long ago given up on french /colonial knots...I just cannot do them...I try and get frustrated. Sorry the cabinets are not "perfect" but without a millionaire's checkbook sometimes we just have to accept. I am a bit older than you and I have learned " that will do" helps with the blood pressure. Once painted I know you kitchen will look wonderful. I can't wait to see it.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I stumbled on Mary's site yesterday and was so very excited to find it as there were some stitches I was wanting to learn! Then I see you have posted about it!! It is such a fantastic site and I know others will be thrilled to find it too!
So very sorry about your cabinet drama!!! How very frustrating for you!! I know you will make them look wonderful with your amazing talents!
I think that kitty may be calling you too!!
Hope you have a good day and be sure to enjoy some chocolate!!
Warm Hugs~

cucki said...

Ohh I love knots so much :)
Hope you have a lovely day
Huge hugs x

C. M. Designs said...

I don't care how old we get, a disappointment is a disappointment.. I hate to have to lift heavy plates too. I hope you'll be more pleased with your cabinets when they are painted and hung..
Don't you have room for one more kitty ? I don't know how your others would get along with it though..
It's pouring rain here and we're supposed to have a deluge tomorrow.. My yard will be like a lake again..

Margaret said...

I don't understand how someone who is a cabinet maker wouldn't be able to follow drawings and instructions on cabinets. That is just so disappointing. :( I hope you are happy in the end with the result. Fingers crossed. (Those colonial knots are amazing! I will have to look at the video)

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, what a headache, so sorry about the cabinets.... Love the stitchery, the knots are neat, Francine.

Judy said...

Gosh, sorry to hear about your cabinets. It is frustrating to be hopeful and then not what you thought you would be getting. Hopefully you will like it after it is finished.

Judy heartland stitcher

Chris said...

I suck at French knots so I do colonials. Ugh! Smart cats. I hope that the cabinet issues clear up soon!

Jeanne said...

I feel your frustration with your cabinets. I've been having similar problems with the hubby lately...trying to get him to build what I actually want!! I shouldn't complain, at least I get him to make something. The colonial knot video was interesting...didn't know how to make them. Thanks.

Karen said...

Thank you for showing the beautiful knot work. I really really like flowers and to see them done with knots is exciting. The problem with your cabinets is that they are being built by a man! I am convinced of that...

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Marly I am so sorry the cabinets are such a disappointment; I can't believe what he delivered since they are nothing like you wanted. But I know the feeling of not having the energy to argue any longer :O( Love Mary's website, a plethora of information there!

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