Jun 18, 2014

The final two

Hello people.  Coming to the end here!  But I'm getting an urge to stitch those two charts I found and see what they look like.  Might be two more if they aren't too corny. 
This small center pear is not a puffy piece because it has the Mylar insert but I can insert a little more fill if you'd like.
Capecodgirl565 - I can't contact you -  please email me with your address and choose between these last two. 
I have decided to list the final pear as a separate giveaway.  Whichever is left standing, you may not be interested in.  So I will show the lone survivor, and ask you to enter on that post.  If you're as finicky as I am, you only want what you like!
I hope you all enjoyed playing along with my giveaway and I so appreciate the participation and interest.

I had a few emails asking about jean pockets. Leave extra fabric around the pocket when cutting off the pants. To sew on to an article, fold the top edge to the back and stitch, trim the back fabric right up to the outside stitching on the pocket's three sides, and machine sew following that stitching line. You can use a backing fabric with right sides together, sew leaving a margin of denim or right to the pocket edge, turn, finish off the top. Add a button, snap, trims, velcro, strap, and you have a cute gift bag, note pad holder, coin holder for tolls, hanging pocket for your car. Nail several to a board in your sewing room and each pocket can hold different aides.

Answering questions here that I cannot reply to because of no-reply status.
Martha - my yellow flowers close at night and are Evening Primrose.  Several buds on single stems and prolific spreading.
Frances N - yes that's the Budman that was so ill.  He's doing great now thank you!
Lynda Ruth - the Ajuga is very hardy and went through our horribly cold winter just fine.
Truus - I have a disgusting method of slug control.  Early morning (6:30 - 7:30) I would go outside and see them everywhere.  Garden, sidewalk, and especially in the grass, heading back to the shrubs.  I use the side of a hoe or an edger, and cut them in half.  Gross!!  But after many times and hundreds of slugs, I don't see any this year.
Mary - My local hardwares never heard of Sum&Substance or Empress but I'm checking with a shop owner that has a huge variety of hostas.  Thanks!
Anonymous - I know that all written word should be credited to the author.  I didn't do that because I am the author of the Father poem and didn't think it necessary to credit myself.

The End.

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