Jul 26, 2014

Here's what I'm thinking

Good day to you all.   I've decided to not start Sally until all the Velcro straps and loops are no longer part of my lap.  The brace comes mid-thigh and that size of linen would certainly be catching.
 For quite some time these little coin purses have been hanging around my supplies (JoAnn's and most craft stores). The frames can be purchased separately which would probably be the proper way to go, but these are cheap, fully lined, and the wimp's method.  All I have to do is stitch a design, hand sew it to the edges of the black fabric, or use a fusible to attach a small design leaving the black as a margin, or sew the side pouches straight for a square design.  This is the 6" x 5" size and it also came in red, I'm still searching for the khaki. 
 The free sampler from Eszter at sub-rosa ( design is here) is one of my favorite smalls and I think I can adapt it to fit.  I just love her designs and she offers so many really nice free charts.  Click on FREE in the label listing and also view her designs for purchase in the left column.  There is a translation button at the top and you need to email her for information.  For some reason, my computer gives me so much trouble and her pages take forever to load, then crash, then load, and then freeze.  But I persist!
I have another older free design from Gentle Arts that would also fit nicely with just a few extra stitches added to the center stem for height.  I would of course, much prefer the sampler and I think I'll sit outside with graph paper and see what I can do.  It would work as is on a higher count linen and sewing the pouch into a square, but we'll see.  I may change my mind and start something else.  My neck is really stiff and sore so stitching may not be very comfortable right now.  I need to stop at Pat Catan's - my local craft store - to see if they can order the khaki for me.  I'm not crazy about the shiny silver metal but even the individual frames are shiny and nice.  They would be easy to spray paint but I doubt it would stay on the clasp once it is opened and closed a few times.  I'll put up with the silver because the rest is assembled, but I'll also try sanding the metal and rubbing on a little paint to dull it.
That's it.  Ready to chew a few more Advil.  They laughed at me in the hospital about not being able to swallow pills. 
Squeak is still looking better and Budman is getting way too heavy.  Like his momma.  Instead of making several trips to the freezer for the chocolate and struggling on the stairs, I brought all of them up.  Was that sheer stupidity or what?
Enjoy your weekend - stay safe.
Thanks for visiting!
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