Jul 1, 2014

Summer. Finally!

Hello people!  It's hot here - summer has finally arrived.  You would think that the brats would prefer to be in air conditioning, but I can't get them to come in.
You know it's humid when the camera from the cool house hits the outside air and fogs.
I went with all white supertunias (not million bells) this year and love the way they sparkle in the sun.  They don't look it in the photo but trust me, they sparkle.
 Million bells (calibrachoa) never last the summer for me.  Fertilized or not, they get spindly and brown out.  The supertunias are my choice for hanging baskets and the bubble gum color is always gone early.   A little larger flower than the bells, smaller than petunias, dense and never needing trimmed.
Squeak is eating $9 worth of baby food a day.  He won't eat anything else!  After one, he's crying at the door.  After two, he's crying at the door.  After three, he leaves without so much as a goodbye.  Morning, afternoon, and night.  He comes very late and I have to stand outside with a broom to keep the coons away while he's eating.  Baby coons are out now too.  Mark said we will have to factor $270 a month for his food into our retirement plan.  My chiropractor brings his Jack Russell to work and the mobile vet was there the other day.  He is a great doc and went out on his own, and has a fully equipped truck to handle all situations.  Good to know.  Our last dog was seen by this vet at another office years ago and I asked him about Squeak.  Of course he can't make a diagnosis, but from the fact that he ate way too much (prior to this) and stayed extremely thin, he feels it is hyperthyroidism.  Treatment is daily medication.  He will come out and test him if I can confine Squeak.  That may happen since I can touch him for 1/2 second now.
I have made the mistake of getting rid of charts I would never stitch and then wishing I had not.  I will be doing it again.  Lots of Prairie Schoolers that I don't want.  Ever.  I think I will do an EBay listing for all in about a month, after I go through them several times to make sure.
That's all I got!  I'm polyurethaning (water base) my cupboards with a few coats and up they go.  The first coats of satin finish actually made them look  more yellow, not because it is tinted, but any sheen changes the look.  I mixed the satin 2 to 1 with matte, and it's good.  You would think after all this that the kitchen would be done. Believe it or not, only the two new ones are.  Now that the paint is decided, the clear finish chosen, no more samples, no more testing, no more changes, I can start on my old ones.   The Dekton for the counter top is still a possibility, but at only 3/4", I have no idea if it would look good.  The soapstone is 1 1/4" and I can have a farmhouse sink made.  Twice the cost, but because I saved by not replacing the majority of my cabinets, I can splurge.  My sister's car is finished so that will be done today and we got the repairs done on ours, all that's left is part replacement on our dryer.  And a new push lawn mower.  And Squeak's food.
Have a fun and safe 4th!
Thanks for visiting.


Krista said...

Amazing how the cats love the heat... me, not so much! lol!

Glad to hear Squeak is eating something. Hopefully he can get back to kitty food though!

Enjoy the 4th!!

diamondc said...

Holy mackeral: It seems like a lot is going on, I am so glad your cabinets are coming along, the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen.
I am happy squeek is getting better, yup sometimes it is best to just throw in the towel and help our little creatures out.
We have bear and they love the bird feed, now we have a trail camara out hoping to get one picture.
Let me know when you post on Ebay I shall have to take a look.


C. M. Designs said...

I am thrilled that Squeak is eating the baby food.. It kept three of our kitties going for a long time.. They did eat kitty food too.
I feed the two that we have now, Fancy Feast Medleys Chicken Florentine with greens.. That's all they want to eat.. It has a bit of gravy with it.
I would like to know when you're going to put your Prairie Schooler Santas on Ebay.. There are a couple that I'm missing..
It will be such a pretty picture when we all get to see your new kitchen..
Stay cool.
Charlotte in Virginia

Sam I Am...... said...

You have more energy than me but glad to hear someone is making some progress on something. Great idea about the baby food and glad to hear Squeak is doing better. Could it be worms? I was hyper thyroid (probably most of my life) and I was thin, could eat anything and had lots of energy and then they found out, killed off my thyroid and now I'm fat and have no energy....sometimes it doesn't pay to go to the doctor.
Have a great 4th!

Anonymous said...

Good day and great news re Squeak and his appetite with baby food!!! Bless you tenfold for taking such great care of him and of course the others. We too have had cats over the years with hyperthyroidism and it certainly can be managed with the pills. In addition to the increased appetite and weight loss they would be thirsty and have sudden bursts of energy. Anywho, just wanted to thank you for being so special, will keep Squeak in my healthy thoughts. Debbie in IL

Vickie said...

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak. Now he's fancy and demanding huh? Oh goodness.

Mary said...

So very glad Squeak is eating and eating and..... I could not find any source for those knobs, and I did look and look. I made the mistake of buying millions of bells for my chair on the front step and was confused as to why they were dying. Then I checked and I had not gotten supertunias ( whatever). I will try to remember the difference next year. Your look fabulous!

P.J. said...

Have mercy! The list never ends does it. So glad to hear Squeak is eating and there is a general idea of what may be going on. Those kitties are so looky to have you as their guardian. Enjoy your 4th as well.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Yeah for Squeak. Yeah for you, too. You have been a Godsend to him :)
Oh, I am sure your kitchen will be loverly. Be sure to share bits when you can.
How can it be July?
Hugs :)

Barb said...

I would give myself a treat and go for the soapstone!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Squeak knows he's got it made. And why wouldn't he with you looking after him. So glad to hear he is finally eating all that gourmet baby food. yum yum.

Love the wheel barrow of flowers ... great job.

It's 103 here today. Next to no humidity. Thank the Lord. No like humidity.

Happy 4th to all,

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, so glad the kitties are better. Baby food is good but be sure that it has only meat, broth. Some have garlic/onion flavoring that isn't good for cats. Thanks for being great kitty parents.

Margaret said...

Sounds like Squeak has expensive taste. lol! I hope you can corner him so the vet can test him. It would be nice to know for sure what's going on with him.

Veronica Longobardi said...

Yeahhhhhhhh !!! So glad squeak is eating again. Maybe after a week or so you could start mixing in some cat food. You could soak some in water till it's saturated and then mix with baby food. If it could be the teeth , better to keep it soft. My baby yorkie is so spoiled now. He eats a jar of baby food a day and then I cook for him , lol it's not cheap. But I love my boy , and he would not have made it , if I didn't do this. I'm so happy , you are having results. Your a good lady. So nice to hear people loving their animals ..

Mary A said...

Have you thought of getting a baby food grinder and grinding Squeaks food? You could cook some chicken or pork for yourselves and grind some for Squeak. Do you think it would be cheaper?? Don't these little guys drive you crazy (says the crazy cat woman, herself)?

Van Huss Fine Art said...

A suggestion about the cost of baby food for Squeak - make your own with a food processor or blender!

I had a cat with hyperthyroidism, on medication, and it was almost impossible to put weight on her because she would eat okay but sometime later in the night she would hurl that food onto our basement floor! Thankfully, she never did it in the main parts of the house. She was about 14 when she was diagnosed and I struggled with this problem until she became senile at 17 and refused to use her litter box, finding all kinds of odd places to do her business. I unfortunately had to have her put down - very sad day.

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