Aug 30, 2014

12 Santas

I hope your week was better than ours.  No improvement.  Still on the dangerous drugs, still in Afib, now with ventricular tachycardia because of the Torsades.  Nothing is helping.  Three weeks before seeing an electrophysiologist, on the waiting list for cancellations, heart monitors next week.  Me?  Basketcase.  Once I get anxious, menomania takes over and I cry, flash, fixate, lose control.  Difficult when I'm trying to be casual about it around her.  Good thing I don't like the taste of alcohol.
Here's a look at the 12 Santas.  Each design has a correlating button, still available here, but my offer is for the chart card only.  We stitched them without the buttons or the verbal border, just Santa.  There is some writing on a few card backs, they're cute but not hard to find, not a great giveaway, but better than burning them.   Stitch count (including the verbal borders) is 58w x 82 h, 5.25" x 3.75" on 32 count.
If you would like the set, leave a comment with name/initials for no-reply or anonymous.  I'll be tied up again this week so let's say next Saturday at 8pm I'll draw a name.  I doubt there will be enough to use Random.  I hope to stay off the laptop until then but will check emails if you have a question.

Enjoy your long weekend.
Stay safe.





Snickers said...

My prayers and healing thoughts for your sister and your family....thank you so very much for including your blog readers in your life.

Your writing gets me thru many long days.

These 12 Santas would be well loved by me...I would like to have them to pass on my love of needlework to my granddaughter (She is 3 and quite a lovely little lady). I don't get to see her often, which breaks my heart, but I make things for her, and want her to love Santa and keep his spirit in her heart always.

dmd 8/30/14

Maggee said...

I am going to add a prayer for a cancellation!! No need to enter me in the drawing... I would never stitch them! Take care of yourself and let others help you! Voice of experience here... Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marly for the update, like Maggee said I too will be praying for a cancellation. And as for YOU, please, please, take a bit of time each day to exhale, easier said than done but oh so important. Thinking of you and your sister, continuing prayers and hugs, Debbie in IL

Anonymous said...

uh oh forgot to say, no need to put me in the drawing! Debbie in IL

KimM said...

Thank you for the update - I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.
Please include me in the drawing. With three new grand babies, I can see so many possibilities.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. I would love to receive these lovely Santas if you ship to Canada. I so appreciate your helpful and informative stitching tips. Thanks for sharing. Margaret in Ontario.

Jacqueline said...

I am saddened to hear that she isn't any better. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.
And I would appreciate being entered into your drawing for the Santa stitcheries.

C. M. Designs said...

I send love, prayers and my very best wishes for Carole's improvement in the near future.
You don't need to add me to the drawing for the cute Santas.. I have a few of them.
Please take care of yourself, for yourself and for Carole AND for the rest of us who care about you.
Charlotte in Virginia

Anonymous said...

Marly ~Thank You so much for the chance to win these Santas.I would be absolutely thrilled. They would be such a fun stitch and go with my Homespun Collectible Santas so well !

My prayers are with you and your family.

Joan (log cabin)

Margaret said...

Continued prayers for you and your sister. I'm so sorry you have to go through this -- your sister too.

Anonymous said...

Marly, you are so smart and funny and have a tremendous heart. Your sister is blessed to have you in her corner. I'm so sorry that things aren't better yet. I'll continue to pray that you and your sister are surrounded with love, peace and strength to get through this trying time.
Take time to care for yourself (but I'll still keep checking the blog waiting for good news.) I hope there is at least some small comfort to know that your readers are waiting with you and praying for you. More {{{hugs}}} your way. SF

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I hope your sister is feeling better soon. It's so hard to go through these things. My heart is with you.

Ruth said...

Prayers for both you and your sister. Take care of yourself, your sister and your family need you.

Pam in IL said...

So sorry to hear that your sister has to wait. Keeping you both in my prayers.

I'd love the opportunity to stitch the santas.

linny said...

My thoughts are with you & your sister, hope things improve soon.
Would love to win these santas. Thanks for the chance.

Truus said...

Marly so sorry to hear there is no improvement at the moment for your sister.
Please write down your thoughts,it will help you-I did it when my husband was very ill and makes me calm.
Still praying for your sister and you.
big hug and lots of love
Truus from the Netherlands

bab5313 said...

Hoping that everything gets better.
These Santa's are absolutely adorable!
Beth (bab5313 (at) psu (dot) edu)

Anonymous said...

Blessings for you and your family at this stressful time. I love the little Santa's and would be glad to give them a nice home. Stay positive!

Tammy B said...

Those are really nice santas!! I hope your sisters health gets better!

Sharon 'Harry' Solly said...

I pray that you get better soon,sounds horrible what you are going through.

I would love a chance to win these Santas (I collect Santas and am wanting to stitch a set of little pillows for this year.
Keeping fingers crossed and praying for you that your health gets better !! sending (( hugs)).

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