Aug 30, 2014

12 Santas

I hope your week was better than ours.  No improvement.  Still on the dangerous drugs, still in Afib, now with ventricular tachycardia because of the Torsades.  Nothing is helping.  Three weeks before seeing an electrophysiologist, on the waiting list for cancellations, heart monitors next week.  Me?  Basketcase.  Once I get anxious, menomania takes over and I cry, flash, fixate, lose control.  Difficult when I'm trying to be casual about it around her.  Good thing I don't like the taste of alcohol.
Here's a look at the 12 Santas.  Each design has a correlating button, still available here, but my offer is for the chart card only.  We stitched them without the buttons or the verbal border, just Santa.  There is some writing on a few card backs, they're cute but not hard to find, not a great giveaway, but better than burning them.   Stitch count (including the verbal borders) is 58w x 82 h, 5.25" x 3.75" on 32 count.
If you would like the set, leave a comment with name/initials for no-reply or anonymous.  I'll be tied up again this week so let's say next Saturday at 8pm I'll draw a name.  I doubt there will be enough to use Random.  I hope to stay off the laptop until then but will check emails if you have a question.

Enjoy your long weekend.
Stay safe.



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