Aug 2, 2014

Hoping I won't need a match

Greetings all.  Hope everyone is enjoying the second day of the last month of summer.  I can't believe how fast it has flown by. 
My neck has been pulling terribly when I look down to stitch so not much accomplished for a few days.  Today I put the smaller brace on and had another round of sclerotherapy, which because of a new med solution, burns like hell.  So I sat outside for a while with my Magma on my lap, 
 and beneath it was not a pretty site.  One with a brace, the other with the waist high compression stocking and a fiery leg inside.  This is the first time I was hurt on commercial property and after a week, Sears still has not returned my calls or contacted me.  The doctor today told me to contact a lawyer which I've never done before, but may have no other option.  The swelling has reduced but one spot is horrible pain with certain movements and I cannot use that leg for stairs or getting up.  In other words, I need to remember to use mom's handicap bath or I will sit there for hours.  I'm afraid there will be some surgery from this.  It could always be worse and others have much more to deal with. 
 This design was very quick but took longer because of the linen playing with my eyes and all the errors.  I also made changes to the chart - increased the amount of stitches in the top flower, extended the stems to fit my project, changed direction of one leaf to match the other side, and changed the center leaves.  I used 632 and 3064 for the flowers. 
Here it is finished.  Well almost.  I need to choose a color for the stamens which will make it fit the purse better.  I did find several in khaki but the newer ones have flimsy lining that's stretched so much the weave is opening. 
My method of checking placement is always to hold items up to a light.  This would have been much better if it was actually the 15 stitch/inch but it will be fine.  If it doesn't end in flames.  Now I need to decide how to trim and attach to the purse.   I had planned on hand sewing it directly under the frame, but there is a stiff support there and no way for a needle to penetrate.  Trimming in chenille would make it easier, but I may just glue the linen right to the edge.
While I was stitching, I happened to snap a few of Bud making faces and skinny Squeak taking a nap. That's Bud in the box behind him.
Nothing new on the kitchen since Dominic is taking another (total of 3 weeks) delay in the other cabinets.  I can't get the counters measured until I have those and he has promised that he will call next week.  Ed.....oh Ed.  Months I've been waiting and I will have to start calling others, that are just as busy, not wanting small jobs, and will show up probably later than you will.
I apologize for not catching up on blog reading, commenting, and replying.  That slightly forward head bend to view the screen  - AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!  The last time I tried replies, I was again surprised that more than half are now no-reply.  I'm beginning to feel left out.  I have a $7 a month emergency cell phone, don't text, tweet, or Facebook.  How much more left out could I feel?  Can't help it.  I love the new technology but don't want it taking over my young and impressionable mind. .......
Did I hear someone choke on their coffee?
Thanks for visiting!
Have a safe and wonderful weekend.


Jacqueline said...

Things sound pretty miserable for you right now. I hope life improves quickly.

Like the cs and can't wait to see how you attach it.

Thanks for sharing.

Vickie said...

Great work on the stitching.
Not happy to read of your continued knee problems. I do think you will have to go the lawyer route. I had to with my fall over 10 years ago. And that money is looooooooong spent and gone on the medical expenses. Sears is hoping you go away, I do believe.
I love the cat pics. Glad to see the two boys tolerating each other. :)
Do not feel left out! I have only an emergency cell phone, I do not text or tweet or Facebook either. We can be left out together! HA!

Elizabeth Ann said...

I'm sorry to hear about your accident at Sears. Usually when there is a problem at a commercial store, the store doesn't talk to you personally. They are waiting to get a very nice letter from your lawyer and hopefully that is all that you will need to do. I enjoy seeing all your lovely needlework projects!

C. M. Designs said...

So sorry to see your knee and leg in such conditions.. Don't be afraid to contact a lawyer.. People are doing it all of the time now for less reasons than you have.
Your flower is lovely and will be adorable on your purse.. I'm sure you'll figure a way to attach it.
Bud and Squeak look right at home.. I'm glad they can share the space. I don't guess Squeak has had the "snip, snip" done yet. That may make him a whole different boy------for the better..
Best wishes,
Charlotte in Virginia

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Sorry about your leg and neck problems! So much for technology - my computer is broken and my phone froze - had to take the battery out. Stress you don' tneed! those kitties are adorable!

Carol said...

Oh, your legs sound so painful right now, Marly... I'm really surprised Sears hasn't gotten in touch with you yet. I remember once when I accidentally knocked a jar of spaghetti sauce over at Giant Eagle (totally my fault), they called me that very afternoon concerned about my well-being. At least you are still able to enjoy your stitching time through all of this... Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marly, I am so sorry to hear of how you are feeling now days after the fall. As others have said, I do think it might take at least a letter from a lawyer, sad but such is the world it seems. The kits and your handwork look wonderful, I'm just sorry you are so uncomfortable in your skin right now. Hoping you feel better each day, and if not, a Dr. visit! Debbie in IL

Hazel said...

You are definitely not on your own. I don't do fb either. I did start tweeting but it got on my nerves so off I came. Sorry to hear about your knee problems. Love the new design. X

Anonymous said...

If you're considering litigation, it's best to not discuss anything about the incident, current status of your injury etc. on the internet. Let your attorney guide you, if you go that route. Hope you feel better soon. As always love seeing the cats, what you're stitching etc. Mouse.

Frances N said...

I hope you'll be feeling better soon. It doesn't look like it's any fun at all!
Your stitching is beautiful, as always!
The cats look sweet! Kitties are cute in boxes!!! They look happy!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog, but I have to say that if you tripped over your own two feet and it happened to be in the Sears store, it isn't their fault. This could have happened in your own home. The reason legal fees and medical insurance today are so outrageously priced is because of the litigious nature of our society. Accept this incident as an unfortunate event and use your own means to pay for your medical expenses.

Farmhouse prims said...

So sorry about you knee, hope you are better soon. I love your stitchery and admire your talent. I have just started cross stitching and have tried everything to see better, I just can't stitch on linen. Love your furbaby. Lecia

Barb said...

You do have my sympathy. I know how miserable the hose can be especially if you have a very warm day. It is so sad that you might have to get a lawyer. Stupid Sears should realize how much more trouble that will be for them! Take care of yourself!

Truus said...

So sorry to hear you are in such pain with your legs and neck.Hope you soon will feel better.
Love the cats lying down and the faces of Bud.
Love your stitching and good luck to attach it to the purse.I'don't have fb or twitter or a mobile phone,so when i'm not at home,they should try again.
Get well soon Marly.
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Before and for a while after my knee replacement I walked downstairs backwards. A friend recommended it, and it really made a difference. Hope you feel better soon.

Margaret said...

You poor thing. I feel so badly for you with your neck and your knee and your other leg too. :( Love your stitching -- Looks like it's going to be wonderful!

Maggee said...

Yup--get a lawyer. 'Nuf said. I really look forward to seeing the purse transformed by attaching your stitching to it! Great idea! Hope you feel better or get another checkup if it is bad, and head towards full recovery. Hugs!

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