Sep 21, 2014

Another sewing method stitch

Greetings.  Enjoying your weekend?  Mine has been spent sanding and sanding and sanding and priming and sealing the monster fridge cabinet.  In the house.  What a mess.  We did get it in after cutting 4 inches off the bottom and then gluing it back with brackets.  I never saw plywood this terrible.  Hairy.  Wavy.  Rippled.  No sanding done at all.  But I made progress and will start painting it today.
I really like the blue house with these colors and think I will use more blues in this bottom area.  I'll remove the brown door frame and use a softer gray for the house trim and a dark gray for the roof.  As I was plugging along with my mind on other things, I realized I was no longer using the full stitch sewing method that CL taught me.  Could it be that after all these years decades of doing the half stitch first that there could be TWO full stitch sewing methods?  Why didn't anyone tell me?  I am so grateful to CL for sharing with me, and I'm assuming this other method is also used by stitchers, but I never found out!  So for those of you that are not hoop and stabbers (like me) and prefer a sewing method (you never pull the needle out beneath the fabric) here's what I found myself doing.
Start bottom left, bring needle to top right and insert horizontally....
 coming out at the top left....
 insert needle at bottom right to make the cross, while moving two threads over to start the next stitch.
The back looks like this.
The needle is always horizontal and pretty easy to do.
 I like it!  Are there any more?  I'll still use the half cross method but when using variegated threads, these full stitch methods are perfect.

My sister and I are still discussing the ablation and are making more calls tomorrow.  Her nurse friends told her to hold off.  They know of ablations being done all the time, but have never heard of the complete cut off involved in the AV node.  What if you enter an establishment or venue that has something interfering with pacemakers?  Not enough to harm anyone, except maybe someone relying on it working perfectly.  We know about cell phones and microwaves but what if you are near a cell tower?  Too scary.  Not enough answers.
Have a great start to a fabulous week as we approach the end of September.
WHAT????  I've been in a fog since middle of August and can't believe what the calendar is telling me.


Jacqueline said...

Great pictures to see exactly what you are demonstrating.

No stitching this afternoon - I am off to hike one of our many Metro parks. Just too nice to be inside today.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Very pretty colors in this piece. Everyone stitches differently. There is no right or wrong way. Some people use hoops, frames, or stitch in there lap. None wrong just different.

Truus said...

Love the colors of your stitching!
My stitches are different-my needle goes straight down and up in 2 movements,because often your needle goes through the threads instead under and over the threads.
Didn't make any stitches today,because all 'my kids were here at my house.
Positive thoughts for your sister and you.
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

Krista said...

A very interesting stitch. Thanks for sharing! I do combo stitching... sewing method for the first leg and stick/stab for the second leg so I can railroad the stitch. Happy to be stitching some today too! Enjoy!

Penny said...

I usually stitch like Krista described. I like the way you have described this new way to work with varigated threads.... I gave up using them with the way I stitch. You could never really see much color change.
Glad you're making progress with the refrigerator cabinet and continuing prayers for your sister.

Barb said...

Thanks for sharing the new approach. I love the colors in your new project!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I really need to try some kind of sewing method. It takes me forever and a day the way I stitch.
Good luck with sis. Scary stuff.
Hugs :)

Margaret said...

There are so many ways to do a cross stitch, aren't there? I've done so many versions. I know I probably don't stitch the way I'm supposed to, but being self taught, I just do it however I like! Love your WIP -- pretty colors!

I would be nervous about this ablation too. Prayers being said. Hope you all come through this safely.

cucki said...

Thank you for sharing my dear
It's look interesting x

Maggee said...

I have wanted to do the sewing method also... will give this a try. I am with you as far as the calendar... since when did it jump a MONTH??!!

Melissa said...

Marly, I like the colours you are using. I have this chart and I've been neglecting it as the colours are rather dull but now you've given me ideas!

Pam in IL said...

Yes, I have a different sewing method! I just posted about it on my blog:

Your piece is looking great!

Melody said...

Thanks for demonstrating. I haven't seen this sewing method of complete stitches before. You explain things so clearly.

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