Oct 20, 2014

Busy as a B

Greetings!  This will be a boring post about the chores that are keeping me too busy and tired to stitch. All about me.  Bitch bitch bitch. It starts with the leaves and several days this week will be cleaning jobs at my sister's house, and spraying for fleas.  The cats were always treated and have been gone for weeks yet she has them everywhere. Why now and not before?  The bombs are too toxic and leave a residue so we are trying a spray and I'll wear a mask.  Food grade diatomaceous earth will be sprinkled into the carpet after it's completely dry.  Cheap, non-toxic, effective.  But most of my week will be taken up with cleaning.  I'm not kidding - it looks like an auction house.  I tried to explain to her that your eyes are taking in the surroundings and when there is too much to process, it's very hard for your subconscious to be calm.  The more you have in your bedroom to stimulate areas of the brain that we are unaware of, the less relaxed you are.   I'm not referring to decorative pieces or furniture, this is "stuff" that should be put away.  Lots of stuff.  She admitted that when she walks into her room she gets anxious because she wants it to be organized and neat and it's overwhelming.  Exactly. That's why she has trouble falling asleep!  It should be a calming, peaceful scene, not clutter and distraction. In my sewing room, there is so much around and unorganized that I feel edgy and don't want to spend much time in there.  That leads to hurried sewing and frustration instead of patience. I purchased a slew of stacking plastic boxes with hinged lids and will get to that room this winter.  Ugh.  Winter.
I've been in the woods sawing and removing the large limbs and branches that were thrown in, plus all the small pieces.  A large fire is in my future.  In addition to chores, I'm trying to get boxes ready so not much stitching going on.  It's cold and raining way too much.  Can't cut the grass which is making leaf blowing difficult.  A trip to Dominic's is also on the schedule for him to remake all the pull outs since they are too tight.  Still with me?
 While I was washing clothes, I attempted to lighten my new overdyed black jeans.  Black black black.  Really black.  Not what I wanted but I have to take what I can find in a 34 inseam that fits. So I hand washed in several solutions and not enough dye was released so like a dummy, I used a little bleach thinking it would create a grayish black.  Nope.  My black black jeans are now bronze.  They're a nice color actually, but not what I expected.  {tap} {tap} Are you there?
And soon my Hallmark channel will be nothing but Christmas movies.  Boo.  I want half hour GG and Frazier on during the night not 2 hour movies.  I'll be switching to another network or channel, probably TV Land.  My laptop is failing and a backup plus file transfer needs to be done this week before I lose my labels.
Mama deer and her remaining fawn have changed since they lost a family member.  I can't approach them any longer and miss tossing the bread and seeing them so close.  I also see a path into the woods from the road behind me so I know there are hunters on POSTED property without permission.  Don't tell me to call someone, this community does what it wants.   HELLO???  Anyone left out there?
And that's what's happening here.  Working and bitching.
I got my buckets and rags ready, tall rubber boots on (no flea bites), mask on my face, ready to go.  This is when I usually run into a township police officer.  Never fails.

Have a great day!

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