Oct 16, 2014

Tougher every year

Greetings!   This Fall season is harder than last, and it gets worse every year.  It's the season my age shows more than any other.  After using the blower and raking, which I love to do for exercise, my damaged knees are killing me, arthritic hand doesn't close, and lower back is miserable.  Ah...Fall.  I hate it.
Because of the right hand stiffness, I'm not making much progress on Eliz.  I worked a little last evening and as you can see, found a length of threads that are the same shade throughout!  Got to use the loop and half cross sewing method in the dividing band.  Had to hold the stiff linen down with my pincushion.
About the Panera soup....a reader tried that recipe and said it wasn't as good so I searched for more and found another very similar here.  The Panera's website has recipes and I found one for curried pumpkin soup that is also similar (here) and I may add squash to it and give that one a try too.  I don't bother peeling and cubing the butternut squash.  I wash, cut in half lengthwise, then crosswise and put them in a roaster at 425 until soft and scoop out the flesh.  If it has a lot of moisture I let it drain in a colander.  Most is mashed and put in baggies for the freezer.  You can buy it in the freezer section already to go too.
Today will be doing my floors and taking a break from outside work except for an attempt to clean up the mess from the tree cuttings.  Two of the 60' ash were at the edge of the woods and we told them to trim off the limbs, and then let the trunk fall since a thick hairy poison ivy vine was attached.  Well they didn't.  They let the entire tree fall and it is a mess with limbs sticking out everywhere and it killed everything in its path.  The second tree, without my permission, they cut down an oak and a maple to allow it to fall.  I am furious.  They should have asked me and if it would have cost more to do it differently, fine.  But to remove two large healthy trees at the wood line was uncalled for. We didn't realize it until all the bucket trucks and chippers were gone.  The small limbs/sticks from the other six trees were raked into the wood line edges on top of smaller trees and growth, killing them and making a real mess.  I will try to remove them in the next few days.  My husband is telling me to let it go since it is done and nothing can change it.  Not always easy for me to do, but good advice.
Did a little decorating... my heavy as heck new wheelbarrow.

Front porch mums.
My front door has no pumpkins or mums.  Empty tub, drab and dull, that's what I like!  I use a length of rebar, pound it into the ground a foot or more, and slide the tied bunch of stalks on.  After all those winds, it's still standing proud.
Did anyone take a look at those scissors?  I browsed a little more - they have a pair with a witch!  Several with a crucifix too.  Never saw those before.  I'm excited that Jane will be arriving soon, but I don't know why since she will just be put with the others I won't ever stitch.  You never know though!  Maybe one day I will tire of smaller simple projects, get an Ativan refill, and go at it.
On a sad note, one of the fawns that allowed me to get so close and came twice a day for their food, was killed on the highway yesterday.  I was hoping it wasn't mine, but only one came this morning with mama.
Hope your day is going well.
Thanks for visiting.


Robin said...

Awww, I am sorry to hear about the fawn and your healthy trees. But I think your husband is right about letting it go regarding the trees. Good luck with your soup attempts.

Robin in Virginia

PS I like your fall outside decorations!

Vera said...

Oh Marly, so sorry about the fawn. I've seen so many deer by the side of the road this year...very sad. Hope your hands and knees feel better soon -- take care of yourself. I did look at the scissors by the way - they are gorgeous (and expensive!!).

celkalee said...

I am also surrounded by wildlife. I have an orphan fawn that comes and goes, very skittish. We have an invasion of coy-wolfs here and they are killing every small animal and the larger deer as well. Even dogs and cats. Every day I watch carefully because they are roaming the suburbs in Western Pa.

I agree with the hubs, let the tree disaster go. you will only injure yourself more and nothing will change. Stupid tree cutters!

Marie Christine said...

Trés belle images d'automne.
la broderie est admirable.
Un bonjour de France

Jacqueline said...

Sorry to hear about the fawn and your healthy tree's. I swear people only hear what they want to hear and do what ever is easiest for them. Doesn't matter that you are the paying customer.

I noticed there isn't a "j" in your alphabet. Is there a reason?

Vickie said...

I am sorry about your trees and the poor fawn.
Why yes I did check out that ENTIRE scissors collection. Many animals. Even pink bunnies. OF COURSE NO PINK POODLE SCISSORS!!!! I have been looking for poodle scissors for years.

sharong said...

Try spa mitts for your hands, if they hurt as bad as mine. put on some hand cream, put on plastic bags, slide in these mitts, turn on the heat and the massage unit and sit for awhile. It works. Sharon

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them. It's heartbreaking to hear of the fawn and the trees. Take good care of yourself. SAH

Barb said...

I hope your body is feeling better, I know exactly what you mean!!So sad to hear about the little fawn. By the way, I think your Fall decorations look good they suit your home-very nice.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, oh I feel terrible about the fawn, sad. The tree cutting would make me mad too, but let it go. Love the pumpkins in the wheelbarrow, looks great as does the corn stalks. Wind keeps blowing mine down, grrrr.Blessings Francine.

Happy Room Diana said...

I just love your wheel barrow with the pumpkin and mums in it. Wish I had a wheel barrow to copy the idea.
Keep smiling

C. M. Designs said...

I can understand how you feel about losing your trees and so sorry about the fawn..
Your corn stalks, pumpkins and chrysanthemums are beautiful LOVE your wheelbarrow.. I like simplicity too.
Best wishes for a happy day. Take care of your hands and "self".
Charlotte in Virginia

chickenchupacabra said...

An 80+ gentleman said to my husband the other day, "If you think getting older's hard, just wait 'til you get there!" I love the look of your house!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should hold the trimmers accountable for what they did. Maybe they won't be so careless with the next person. They did it because they are used to people letting them do what is easier for them. Diane

Sandra Sullivan said...

I sympathize with you with the hand arthritis and miscellaneous aches and pains. It is just exhausting trying to do things and then suffering for it. I don't blame you for having a hard time letting go of the tree thing. Just no excuse for that. I don't think I've ever told you this before, but I just love the front of your house. The stone steps are just wonderful. Simplicity is the best. I know you will miss the fawn. So sad.

Karen said...

I had the same thing happen with our pines in our yard. I wanted the lot because of the pines. My husband hired a man to "trim up" the trees and take one down. When I got home I couldn't recognize my trees. I called the man a told him what for. Asked him why he would make my pine trees look like palms (to me anyway). I was so mad at my husband and the tree idiot. Cried myself to sleep and still mourn what is gone. Makes no sense. And we hired the idiot! The shame.

Pam in IL said...

Sorry to hear about the fawn and the healthy trees. I'd still be calling them to complain! We put the mulching plate on the lawnmower and mow/mulch up the leaves so we don't have to rake them. It works really well :) Have a good weekend!

Maggee said...

I do not agree with letting it go, simply because it is not right! If anything, you should not PAY what they charged--they owe YOU for two living trees they killed. But... of course, it is your decision. I could rant on and on, but... The mums look so lovely, they are so vibrant! Hope you are no longer in pain and stitching away! Hugs!

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