Oct 13, 2014

Two old men and a sink

After a few mishaps, limb whacks, black eyes, sore backs, and cuss words, the sink is here. 
 It's heavy.  My brother needed ice over the lump on his forehead, a bandaid on his torn cheek, and my husband needed the back massager and a few Advil.  It didn't look that big in the woods but it was half covered with dirt on the edge of a ravine.  So here is the cast iron bottom leaning against the tree, still filthy, and almost 5 foot wide.  It has some rust on chipped edges but most of the porcelain is intact.  Two hole high back and good size drainboard.
 What will I do with it?  I can't use it in the kitchen, I don't have an actual laundry room, so we may build a support with wood legs (with casters!) and put it against the house off the deck. The sink can be filled with flowers in the summer, gourds in the fall.  I have no idea how we will lift it onto a base but we'll figure it out.  The dolly did most of the work coming out of the woods and it was slid out of the car to the ground.  I'll scrub it after the tree guys are gone.
 Squeak is trying to figure out what it is while Budman does his yoga moves. 

And that's my sink rescue! 

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