Nov 4, 2014

Auto pilot

Hiya.  How's your day going?  Can you believe it's November?  Aren't you glad the political ads will end today?
I've mentioned before that I am directionally challenged.  In other words, can't find my way off of a one way street.  Yesterday morning, my car was being dropped off at the dealers for a recall.  My husband said "go by Walgreen's" as he got into his car to follow me.  So I went by Walgreen's which happens to be the way to the hospital.  The only time I go that route, is when the hospital is my goal and since July, have been there way too many times.  So I'm at the intersection of Walgreen's and I turn left.  Auto pilot.  I've never turned to the right at that corner and wasn't even thinking.  As I proceed down past the hospital, it dawns on me - where's Ford?  I'm in downtown Sharon and I know it's not this far so I must have passed it.  So I turn into a driveway and see my husband flying by at a pretty good clip.  I go back into traffic toward the hospital I already passed once and realize there is no Ford dealership!  Damn.  Pull over into a parking lot and there goes my husband at 50 mph again.  He was many cars behind when we started this journey and only caught glimpses of my bright yellow car as he sped by, would turn around to catch me, and by this time I was off again!!  I knew it was somewhere around there - I've been there before and can picture it!  So I pull off again and see my frantic husband coming up the street and he stops in the middle, waving for me to pull out and keep going PAST Walgreens.  In other words you dipstick, you should have turned RIGHT!  Sorry.  Auto pilot took me left. The scary thing, it never dawned on me that it's in the opposite direction and I've been on this main road thousands of times over the years. This proves that any deviation in my routine - I get lost.  Mark was so upset because he honestly thought I was having a small stroke, confused and lost.  I started laughing at myself and couldn't stop.
 Just like the time I was at another car dealership oblivious to the fact I was wearing these, (story here), this incident has had us laughing till we choked and will continue to do so.
After leaving my car at the elusive Ford dealer, I was dropped off for errands while he waited in his car. When I would exit the buildings he would be waving wildly in the parking lot shouting "over here over here!".  Smart ass.
And what else have we accomplished?  Demolition and more rejection.  We need to have an exhaust installed over the range since we switched from a downdraft, and no one will come out.  I was sure heating/cooling guys would do the duct work but no, they won't. 
We cut the hole and checked for clear access to the exterior and the only people that will do it require us to purchase the exhaust from them.  Well they don't carry the one that I want and couldn't come until February anyway.  We're replacing areas of drywall bit by bit and the rest will be beneath wainscot or soapstone.  I will never ever do this again without a contract, but I've heard many stories about workers not showing up to finish even with a binding agreement.  Nothing is going right with boxes either.  The shipment is not up to my expectation and will require a lot more work.  I'll be shampooing you-know-who's second floor carpeting in a day or two and there is still too much stuff to have someone come in for wall washing/cleaning.  And it's cold, dark, and November!  With all the disappointments, uncontrollable laughter from my left turn is welcome.

You would think someone else would be giddy because of the new mouse toy you can see behind her, but one look and you know what her mood is.

And the start of Mary Lamin.  Color changes?  Of course!
Today we are taking down another cabinet and replacing the drywall but the sink and counter top must be removed in order to do so, then going to vote, and then to the doc's for ..... are you ready ..... injections in my armpits.  Yep.  Hyperhidrosis.  So I get Botox injections, about 20 in each underarm every few months.  Does it hurt?  Are you kidding?  Does it work?  Only for a few months.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely.
I see the hunter pulling away from the road's end and as usual, it's a company van.  I've had gas company, power company, phone company, and now private company vehicles sneak into the woods to hunt on company time.  They must tell their boss they're on the job somewhere.  If they have GPS, no one in charge must check it.
Better get moving.  I'll be a passenger and Mark will be driving. 
Have a good day.
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Three Sheep Studio said...

Oh Marly - you make me laugh !
At least you can laugh about your car / driving issues !! Maybe you can find someone qualified and willing to work "on the side" To install your exhaust.
Heck, maybe one of those men that is hunting in the woods would install the exhaust for you !

Mary said...

hahaha....I think the look is a calico thing. My cat, was so very sweet as a kitten. She has over the years grown up to have that look of distain ! Try to give her a new food and she turns her head and gives "the look" saying " you are here to give me the food I like nothing more...learn you place". Luckily I also have my ginger rescue who loves baby.

Kristen said...

Are you kidding Marly? The presidential election starts *tomorrow*. The only way to get away from it is to leave the country!

Love your start.

Vickie said...

We need to take care of recall stuff with our Escape also. Such a pain.
Yowza! Shots in your armpits.

Margaret said...

I had to look up hyperhidrosis. Yikes! The shots don't sound like fun. lol about autopilot. Don't we all do that? I know whenever I follow DH somewhere when we are dropping off cars, he often gets into autopilot mode and I have to hope he eventually shows up at the right place. lol! Good luck with all the demolition. Yuck.

Sandra said...

I definitely benefited from you post because I am in dire need of something to laugh about. Thank you!
Also, cannot wait to see what colors you choose for Mary Lamins. The original sampler was a Christmas present to me a few years ago. I just love it-it is such a mess, the way she stitched The Lord's Prayer. So different, I thought it needed to be reproduced. Hope you enjoy it!

dogwoodfarm said...

Oh what a funny story about your sun glasses!!
You had me laughing out loud!!
Kitty is so adorable!

Barb said...

Your post was just what I needed on this dark drab day!! Very funny. I'm glad it had a good outcome!!

Melody said...

Too funny! I enjoyed your post immensely. Take heart, I have been directionally challenged many times myself!!

Your new start is looking good!

Frances N said...

Funny post!!! Enjoyed it immensely!
The sunglasses story was so funny and I hate to admit that I did that once, too! I thought things looked a little bit odd, but didn't know why until I got back in my car and looked in the mirror.......
Glad to know I'm not the only one!

Pam in IL said...

I know the feeling about auto pilot. About a week into a new job, my auto pilot kicked in and I found myself parking at my old job--25 miles away! I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was so upset about driving that far and not even realizing it until I parked in the parking lot. Glad you can laugh about your auto pilot driving too.

Jacqueline said...

I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who can not find her way out of a closet. I swear I am missing a gene somewhere. People who understand directions have no idea how frightening it is for those of us who do not have this built in compass.
And yes, your husband is a smart ass but it made me laugh.

Maggee said...

I also have difficulty backtracking... mostly if I just went someplace new... I really have to think what I did in reverse to go back! Whatever!! Enjoyed your post, as always!

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