Dec 17, 2014

Panties bunching?

I am sitting here ready to take a pill to calm down and face this scary day.  We have to be there by 11:30 and the procedure won't start until 3:00.  I'm taking a few things to stitch but my thumb is cracked and painful, and my hands aren't steady.  We won't be in the same area as the last time until after the surgery and going back into that small unit will not be easy for her.
As for the stamp issue.  I don't give a rat's ass if they have a stamp for each religion.  When I go into a pharmacy and ask for eye drops for dryness, I don't want ones for allergy.  When I go into a yarn shop and ask for wool, I don't want to be sold cotton.  If I order a DVD, I don't want to be given a Blu-ray.  When I go into a coffee shop and order tea, I don't want coffee.  It's called a job, a responsibility.  They are being paid to serve the customer what they are paying for. I am not going to stand at a counter, search for a computer, Wi-Fi areas, and look up what I am purchasing.  Yes the buyer should check the merchandise, but I trusted the post office to know what stamps they have.  She isn't delivering mail, she is working the counter as she has done for many years as the manager of that branch.  The stamp was released last year!  I expect people to do the job they are paid to do. Yes it may look like a Christmas tree, but it's not.  I asked for a Christmas stamp.  Not Kwanzaa, not Hanukkah, not EID.  I have a right to celebrate my religion just as they have a right to celebrate theirs.  Tolerance goes both ways.  Preaching it without practicing it is ideology.  The title of that post was about someone not doing their job.  Period.  Don't send emails about being a racist, anti-Islam, anti-worker.  I have a right to say what bugs me and getting a stamp for a religion that doesn't celebrate Christmas when I specifically asked for the opposite, bugs me.
My former mail carrier was a gem, very friendly, very conscientious.  She is 6 years to retirement so they moved her to an easier and shorter route, and she stopped in to say goodbye last year.  My new one won't take my stamped mail from the mailbox.  The flag is up, the mail is ready, but she leaves it.  She has left my packages at homes several miles away with nothing similar in address or name.  I have to deliver my neighbor's mail that was left in my box.  There are workers that take their responsibility seriously and do an excellent job. There are workers that know they can't be fired and make no effort.  We have more of those in my area.
I hope to have a good report posted by tomorrow morning. 
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