Dec 11, 2014

Shop stop

Just had to show what I found at Apple Basket in Vienna Ohio.  It's on the way home from my injections and I rarely stop because it is more country style.  But I did today and am glad I did.  I got the last of each but the wood (resin?) lantern is being ordered again for the third time so the lady that I snatched it from will have to wait until they come in.  The large size is 16 x 16 inches and I like the impact rather than several smaller items.  They had sweet trees, more primitive, but not sparse, really nice 3 and 4 foot.  Very tempting. 

To M.H. - I have no antique samplers, they were all stitched by me from charts. 
I have to apologize for not answering all comments and reading blogs.  Have been busy and too distracted other than hit and miss now and then. (Distraction has cost me a few bucks too, since I forgot to use my $10 coupon at Kohl's, a $15 coupon at JCP, and the $5 coupon at Apple Basket.) While weaning myself off the old laptop and adapting to the new one, I discovered that gmail doesn't appear on both like my provider does.  Depending on which computer I open, the mail will download to it, but not the other.  And the new one is pretty strict in security, sending several to the Junk folder but I think I have it all fixed now. Anxiety will be taking over for the next week so this won't be the last apology. 
Until then, be good, stay safe, thanks for visiting.
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